Monday, July 4, 2011

How will I know

Is love any less true when its not stormy? Or is it truer then. How will I know the next time? The next time I'm in love, seeing as I've resolved to do it the right way this time. Right side up. Is there a wrong way to fall in love?

Yesterday a friend told me that he didn't think he'd ever been in love. We'd just finished watching Natalie Portman's "No strings attached" and there I was, cradled against him when I noticed the troubled look on his face. When I asked what was wrong he said he didn't think he'd ever been in love and that how would he know if he had. I tried to describe it but I found out that I couldn't. All the adjectives in the world couldn't quite capture it. So I turned to him and said "you will know".

Which of course got me questioning myself. Will I know? If its easy and quiet and peaceful, will I still recognise it? If it doesn't make me alternate between periods of sadness and intense joy, will I recognise what it is? Will I call it love?

This time around, I vowed to do things differently. Employ my head to oversee the matters of my heart because my heart on its own is a loose canon. But will my head make the right decisions? The bible says "guard your heart..." right? Does that imply that its only the heart that has the right to make important decisions? If that's the case, I'm royally screwed!

Much love,
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