Monday, July 7, 2008


3am saturday morning found me pole dancing at Caliente. Henessey had never produced such uninhibited behaviour from me. I was on top of the world. swinging, twirling, seuctive. in my lacy black heels and that awesome tube dress. i was the center of attraction, reveled, all those gorgeous men reaching for me.this was my friday night. i'm sure you guys are wondering how i got to that point. i left work on friday at about 8pm. My cousin wanted the chicken topper salad from TFC so i offered to stop by to buy it. At 9.30 i was still on Awolowo road. i was so upset! i was cursing the Lagos State Government for the road and Lagosians for their damned impatience. I stalked out of the car, telling the driver to meet me up front. TFC had no salad.I was very ticked off.There was no light when i got home and my cousins were to lazy to put the generator on. I did not know what to wear. panic attack!i recently snuck away to london for a few days so i had some new stuff. i rummaged through my suitcase hoping that my innate sense of style and coordination would not fail me in my time of dire need. i spotted the lacy black peeptoes that was an impulse buy,it kinda seemed like a good idea. next i pulled out the black and pink bohemian tube dress that looked sorta like a tent and which i hated,and i teamed it up with a pair of grey true religion skinnies, slung a thin red woven leather belt around my waist. I looked okay i thot.SHOOT!! my phone was ringing..erm.."hello..i am so ready" i said to Virgo who was picking me up."Yeah! right" he replied. he said he'd be at mine in 5mins. "Oh shit" and i hadn't even thought of accessories yet. I remembered the cream and gold long beads with matching earring that i had stolen from my best mate when i was in London. Okay....looking good.then i added the multi colored bangles.Damn i looked good. i decided to make up in the way i was going to do that under the blanket of heat that had settled over my house.Virgo was already downstairs. We went to have drinks at this little place on Awolowo road. the owner had recently imported a new Henessy.must be my lucky friday.Now i only drink henessy and i only drink it straight with energy drink for me please ...thank you.It was 12.30am by the time we were done. by now dear reader you must know that i was already
1.00am found me eyeing the barman at number 10. turns out tthe guy knew me from churrasco days when i drank cocktails like they were going out of fashion and flirted with every handsome man at the bar.i had one of my favourites..a my hands before i could say "i'll have"

3am continued

Virgo led me to the table he had so thoughtfully reserved in advance.P-square were vigorously doing their 'do me' dance close by.
2.45am saw me stmbling out of number 10. by then i had had 1screwdriver and 2mojitos, had also thrown down 2tequilas.
2.50am saw me shoving my head into someone's window at Caliente.till now i dont know who he was.all i remember was that he was cute,drove a 5series and that i asked him if he could see my tits.
2.59am saw me making a beeline for the poles at Caliente where i spied a georgeous guy who my gadar told me was gay grinding his juicy backside into the crotch of a man-like looking girl. What a waste ...
3am found me pole dancing at Caliente!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


i wonder if there is such a thing as overblogging but i feel a need to pour out these particular thoughts.
in the age of perfection when skinny is beautiful and overweight(notice my non-usage of the word 'fat') is not, I think perhaps that man has returned to its early self. but i would not make this an abstract admission of what i feel to be quite cruel indeed, instead i shall say exactly what i feel. this is afterall my blog.
i never felt the words 'you're fat' cut me as deep as they did this evening. and hurt they did.
it asnt the embarrasment of everyone laughing when she said it, it was the fact that for the first time in as long as i can remember, i felt like less of a person. my sef esteem flew right of the window and i couldnt even come up with any of my usual witty replies. i felt like i had been punched in the gut. i felt.......fat


hi.i am about to go off on a tangent so please forgive....
i am suddenly beset by a strange but volatile need to wonder....wonder what it would feel like to touch, to caress,.a hug, a kiss, two kisses..
i wonder what he would taste like, what we would taste like....
i wonder about making a move, i wonder about wastig him to come to me.
i know i sound like a sappy harlequin novell what!
he makes me tingle, he is infuriating. i like it when he smiles,
i need something from him.something like a really good shag.....

or maybe not.such things as i have discovered are better left to the imagination. like that one time when i psyched myself up for a particularly hot "date" and lets just say it wasnt as satisfying as i had envisaged it would be. the let-down was horrifying.
details?.....i think not.

okay i have just decided that he isnt at all worth it...i mean...why should i. wonder that is..if he isnt wondering the same things.then i shouldn't. dont get me wrong he is cute as hell, and i dont know but i've got it for particularly shorter men.makes me wonder how quick they can get down there.i mean they are down already.


okay you minx of a blogger...too much detail

still, i wonder..


i know this is late.but what can i say. one cant exactly vouch for hotel internet.....
anyhoothe object of my utmost affection and poignant musings finally showed up.TWO HOURS LATE!i had lost all hope of going out, had wiped my make up off and slipped into my jalabiyah,ready for bed. i'm sure anyone who reads "slipped" would expect that i would be slipping into some sexy scarlet peignoir..HA! RIGHT! nothing like a huge voluminous jalabiyah to comfort when one has been needlessly abandoned on a friday night. i do admit that i may have been a tad too unfeeling when he told me earlier that he felt sickly. i may have said something like "I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK" but please understand that i had psyched myself up to go out. thats justification enuogh isnt it?
Anyways, right in the middle of a particularly interesting scene in 'war of the world' in which cruisy-boy was looking good enough to be pulled out of the tv, i am interrupted by the jarring sound of my ringtone. i dont bother to wonder who would be calling because i knew who it was. voila! i was not dissapointed. He apologized profusely for keeping me waiting and said he was currently at my room door hoping to be let in. needless to say i throw off the comforting jalabiyah, slipped into the satin peignoir, mussed my hair up a bit and went to let him in.
Does this make me a brazen hussy with absolutely no pride, i hope so.because i was in no position to say no even if i wanted to when he looked so sinfully handsome. I could tell he had just taken a bath because his hair glistened,he smelled sooo good.and he knew...he just stood there wearing that sexy grin.i on the other hand responded with a half smile. that sexy come hither look that just turns guys on. no words were needed.
we emerged an hour later...both wearing one heels.