Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trust Issues

"Why is it so easy to be disillusioned and so hard to be grateful" ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

I was listening to "Time After Time" today and it struck me about how much about trust that song is. And I thought, "hang on,hang on, how dare you?! Do you know how you'll feel two seconds from now not to mention 6 months or one year or thirty years from now."

Too quick are we to say "Trust me. I won't hurt you...I'll take care of you." Well whoopsie daisy when 3months later you become "prone to wander" lol...that's how I knew my boyfriend in 2009 was planning to break up with me. And I understand. Naturally.

Thing is you can't tell someone that you'd be there to catch them when they fall, that you'd be waiting. Its just wrong and maybe a little evil. Because, like every other thing we blame life for, it happens. And the day that person decides to fall, you my darling may have moved. Shikena! Neither question nor explanations rendered. Poof!!!

Why am I vexing? Like the title says, I'm having "Trust Issues"

Don't ask me to trust you. There's the danger that I might. And then what?
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