Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesdays' Thoughts - Oga Police

~~I am addicted to police checkpoints. Yeah , if I were you I'd give myself side-eye too. But seriously, whenever I get to a spot that has been a checkpoint at some point in the past, I slow down and turn my interior lights on. Doesn't matter whether its at night or during the day. Is there some form of rehab for this? Let me add that sometimes I even smile~~

~~But what is it with policemen and those disgusting torchlights? (not calling them flashlights.) They shove the beam in your face, flicking their wrists and tinz. Now if I didn't have "inner" lights, I'd totally understand. But nooooo, the part where as a policeman at a checkpoint you apply some common sense is totally wasted on that lot. Like I'm sat there, all interior lights on, and you are still flashing something in my face. And the adeptness at wrist flicking…..tells me that they must wank a lot.~~

~~I think I need new music in my life. Real music. I have been stuck on sad crybaby love songs for a bit and the red lipstick girl in me is beginning to protest~~

~~Its my birthday soon *insert alanta here* I dare you to tell me that its still three months away. Ask me what I want!!! Ask me please~~

~~So my carrot lady retired from active duty. Apparently she now sells groundnuts. Like seriously, wtf??!!!~~

~~My darling cowbells came back. Either that or I just got used to the new ones. *shrugs*~~

~~Have you been to adeyemo alakija at night? The prostitutes there ehn!!!na die. You should see me and my male colleagues when going to our cars at night. Whether its fear or wonderment on our faces, I don't know. But we definitely speedwalk. Anyways, one of the boys was offered a "soft massage" a week ago. ROTFLMAO. What the heck is a soft massage? He didn't ask. He should have in my own opinion. Chicken~~

~~Speaking of chickens and super chickens. Isn't FATKUBU the most hilarious word you've heard in a while? Like seriously….effing genius that word. FATKUBU. Still laughing~~

~~Remember my post of 4 May 2010 where I complained about doing squats? Lets just say you wont hear me complaining again. THEY ARE WORKING!!!!!!! Wale is a genius. Speaking of Wale, I haven't seen him in almost 3 weeks L~~

~~And 3 weeks reminds me that its been exactly 3 weeks. Feels a lot longer. I miss Superman. ~~

~~These days when I shower after gym I arrange my bath stuff in a systematic order. Body was, facial wash then vag wash. It became necessary when I used Femfresh as facial wash two weeks ago. My friends think I did it on purpose. Even I know I am not that weird~~

~~I wrote on Neefemi's blog. All the wonderful sexy music from 2007. It was a hawt hawt year and I was a hawt hawt mess~~

~~My BB contacts need to be reduced by 1. Yes I'm picking on someone. The person is an absolute sweetheart but as you know I abhor broadcasts. Especially ones that start with "sorry about the broadcast" > If you were sorry you'd ask first. Anyways I probably wont. Like I said, sweetheart~~

~~It's amusing to see people just going silly over Owl City. You shoulda listened to me 2 months ago. But I understand. Same goes for Dr Sid. Trust my ears darlings~~

~~What's with subliminals on twitter? O_o. I mean I'm guilty but only to the extent that I am not referring to someone on twitter. But the viciousness. OMG it hurts to just read my TL these days. And apparently I'm not twitter cool anymore. *shrugs*~~

~~Shakira's world cup song? BIG FAT SIDE EYE~~

~~Are you loving Lady Antebellum yet? Not just in " Need You Now". You need to. And why are people hating on Nicki Minaj? Makes no sense! Swagga jacking or no, #isityourbusines? She's hot and she's hot and in her own words, she never do a feature that wasn't on Billboard.~~

~~That being said, I crammed her rap from "hold yuh". Me too all I wanna do is to sign boobs and be taking pics. She's just so adorable~~

~~Can't wait for my one and only Yimu aka Rikokomaster to be back home *alanta* Yes I'm sucking up. He better buy all my stuff~~

~~The ladies at the gym must think I'm a bit weird. Must be cos I have Mozart on full volume in the changing rooms everyday~~

~~Did you read my tweet about the Indian guy with the garlicky fart? I nearly passed out this morning. Tomorrow I am going in. Sure in hand. Like it was right in my face!!!!~~

~~Work is about to get really crazy. God help me. For the next two weeks it'll be 20hr work days. I'll miss you guys~~

#np: London Underground ~ Mike Skinner ( Have you heard this song? Its FILARIOUS (fucking hilarious) ). Please if you know any other songs by Mike Skinner please let me know.

Peace n tingz.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let me...

Hugging oneself is never the same. No matter how many times uve been held, u never get tired of it.

One more day,one more night. Just one more time, before u go. Let me be able to say, don't go cos the place will be empty where u once were.

One more kiss,let me touch your face one more time, quickly before I realise that this is infact a dream. Let me beg the morning to stay away.

Just before the world runs off, and sunlight chases ur shadow away. Before dawn ends my dreams, let me...

The lone tear in ur eye, the lone tear on my cheek. They came from the same source. The longing from deep down. The world keeps moving

And I'm standing. Standing at the gate. Watching. Watching you go. Please let time stop. Let me...

Let me say, please don't go. You'll take heaven with you.

Let me sleep. Let me dream. Heaven comes when my eyes are closed. And I'm going past the red gate. To a redbrick house, 3800miles from here.


#np: Vanilla twilight ~ Owl City

Dedicated to everyone who has a loved one living apart from them. I see you.

P.s. Will be guestwriting on Neefemi's blog. I'm really really excited. And little nervous.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

On Faith, without which I will be lost

Before I started writing this post, I asked God to please give me the right words. But just right now, it occurs to me that there are no right or wrong words when talking about faith. Because faith simply is. There's no doubting it, or justifying it, or struggling for it. Why is it so easy to believe that something can go wrong, instead of trusting that nothing can go wrong?

Too many times, as Christians and believers, its so easy to get caught up in what the world tells us. I remember an old (i think its ) Ron Kenoly song that goes "whose report will you believe?" It must have been then that I developed my practical approach towards faith. Because why on earth should I believe that things will e anything less than perfect. The Bible has told me that God knows the plans he has for me. plans of good and not of evil .......... It has also told me that it may tarry, but it will come. So why should I believe differently? Let me not boast lest my faith like Job's be tested. But....if my faith be as small as a mustard seed i can move mountains right?

As children, its so much easier to believe in fairies, and santa claus and superman and the tooth fairy, and maybe, if our parent have bothered, to believe in God. But somewhere along  the way, we realise that Santa Claus is actually daddy, that the tooth fairy is actually mummy, that fairies are not real and neither do we possess super powers because we have jumped of the top bunk and have succeded only in breaking a leg. And sometimes, we also stop believing that God is God and that His Word does not change. Jesus says if only we can have faith like little children.

I'd like to say that it's hard, to make whoever lacks faith to feel a little better, but I wont. Because its the easiest thing in the world. According to a song that I havent heard in years, retelling the story of Jesus calling Peter to join him on the sea, it said "come walk with me upon the water, why dont you let me be your guide?" 

Trusting God is believing that nothing happens to you by chance. For everyone that comes your way, its because he has sent them. For everytime you fall, it is because he is at the bottom to catch you. free falling never felt so good. For every time you make a mistake it is because he wants to show you that you cannot appreciate the good if you have not yet seen the bad. It is believing that that "lai lai" He will never let you go.

All He has required is your trust. So why dont you,.....trust him. Have faith.

Enjoy the rest of your week. God bless you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mr Endowed ....Toh bahd

Ok. firstly, i'm the absolute last person that you'd ever hear say the words "toh bahd" or any of all the other phrases/words/slangs coined or made popular by Mohits. Frankly i think they (not Mohits, the words/slangs/phrases....although....)sound slightly retarded. But! i've been in a bit of a mood lately. Adjusting to Superman not being around, we're on the same timezone but we might as well not be. He's trying, God bless him. But its still not the same. plus, a bunch of other stuff. And have I mentioned that I miss him so much ...yeah. its a physical ache.

Anyways, woke up this morning, late. So i couldnt go to the gym. Which added to my bad mood. so on my way to work, (my music player is on shuffle) D Banj's "Mr Endowed" came up. I remember when the song came out and twitter folk where yammering on and on about it lacking lyrical quality. Well do u remember my post on LAB? lyrically acclaimed bullshit? yah! anyways, i couldnt help but dance when the song came on. It totally lifted my mood. For that I am grateful to DBanj and especially Don Jazzy.

That being said, I'm dedicating the song to my Mr Endowed. *blush* his face, endowed. his upper body, endowed. his lower body, endowed. And most importantly, his heart, endowed. with love, for me.....

*insert another blush*

p.s. LDRs are still horrible. But i can tell you that its so much harder to fight with someone u cant see. Hence ALOT of talking and communication. #deepsigh

however, i'm #nowplaying Nothing by janet Jackson. i swear that this song has been following me about.

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've always had reasons for which to be thankful. To God, to my parents, to nature, to the earth, to my friends,....

Wokeup one day to Temite's #imthankfulfors on twitter and after sampling opnion (thanks again twitfam) I realised again that most humans are thankful for the same things. For and to God. For being God. For family, what would we do without you. For life. No matter how bad everyday is, at least ure still alive right? For money. And of course the things money can buy. For love. For always making it count.

I am thankful for this gift. That I can put pen to paper and write things that can make me or you laugh, smile, cry and think. This gift that gives words meaning...

I am thankful for bad roads. Cos they ensure that I don't speed to my death. But I am even more thankful for good one. Cos that'll mean that Pegasus will be alive for longer.

I am thankful for people that sleep with their mouths open. Even when in public. For example in traffic. Gives me something to laugh about every morning.

I am thankful for PHCN's erratic power supply.it makes me appreciate the inventors of electricity and all resultant lightbulbs even more. But I'm especially thankful for light. Even if its just so that I can charge my blackberry.

I am thankful for Pegasus. For I'd definitely be the tardiest person in my office if I had to take a taxi every morning. I'm even more thankful for Pegasus. For those nights when a bed is too far.

I am thankful for bad friends. For they make you appreciate the good ones more. But I'm especially thankful for good friends. I don't have enough words to say why. But I pray for you everyday.

I am thankful for gadgets and toys. They make LDRs less painful and even longer. But I'm even more thankful when you're here with me, when I can see ur soul and hear your heartbeat. When ur arms are around me and your head is in the nook of my shoulder.

I am grateful for rain. Soft showers or thunderous downpours. It reminds me tha God has not forgotten.

I am thankful for alcohol. It helps.

I am thankful for music. I cannot begin to describe the orgasm in my heart when I listen to music. But now, I'd rather listen to your snoring than listen to music to make me sleep. At least you'll be beside me.

I am thankful for you, dear reader. You give me another reason to write. You always have. But I'm even more thankful when you leave a comment. Mark ur steps across this blog. My heart.

I am thankful for ex boyfriends. Because if they didn't become exes, you'd never get to that last bus stop. The place where you are meant to be.

I am thankful for laughter. Especially when we do it together. I am thankful for hope and faith. The difference between winners and every other person.

I am thankful for me. For the person that I have become. For my smile, for it is pure. For my heart, because it is true. For my soul, because it holds no hate. For my mind, because it can dream. For my imagination. Because it can draw you closer. For my body. Because it is precious.

~ I'm thankful for my family, condoms and birth control pills. :D~

~ I am thankful to God for my glasses! They help me see better and dey make me look cute.....somtimes :D ~

~ Im thankful for where I am, not where I thot I would be, but im more than thankful to God. :) ~

~#Iamgrateful for Words. Cos without them my life will lack all colours and for my fellow word merchants, may you find bliss always. @SL419~


Too many times because we have our eyes set on big things, we forget to be thankful for the little ones. Let's change that.

And for God, who has for now blessed me with these.

#np: Just for a moment (aqualung I think)

Enjoy the rest of ur week.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~~Tuesdays' thoughts~~

~~I swear i had all these beautifully random things i was going to say. But as usual, when i plan a post in advance it never seems good enough. so...i dont know whats gonna come out here but it'll be what i'm thinking. i think~~

~~keke marwa's/napep are the scourge of this earth. When i grow up, if i ever do, i shall buy myself a caterpiller/crane/trailer. whichever i can afford when i grow up, and i will hit every keke that crosses my path~~

~~My mind is almost 6000miles from here. actually just checked and its actually 3100miles. and 4800kms.~~

~~Never figured myself for the "teary eyed looking forlorn at the airport girl". It seems however, that I am. I however did not wail. I do not believe in causing a scene. That would be incredibly common. I did however have to wear my ray bans~~

~~I think people should get on with it and leave the "geek" look behind. But then again, who am I to judge.~~

~~I think i want a baby. But what on earth am I going to do with it? probably post it to my mother, labelled "fragile, handle with care."~~

~~I'm all sorts of melancholic today. And yes i know the reason. But the bad part is I cannot share. least not yet.~~

~~Thinking of what to get myself for my birthday. Maybe a teddy bear. Where will I be on my birthday? hopefully 3100miles from here.~~

~~I've had the most beautiful past 5weeks. Every single day. Eternally precious. Maybe i'll cry now~~

~~How many tears do you think its possible to cry? Like if one just kept on crying... tear glands are in the head right? is that why one gets headaches after crying for long? mayb e cos the glands have run out, and it nature's way of letting you know? in that case, what fills them up. as in whats the trigger? listen to sad songs and water flows from ur stomach to ur tear glands? ~~

~~i dont really need an answer. or maybe i do.~~

~~i hear that i like to act like i'm not sweet....i agreed. Thats the disturbing part. The part where i agreed...i owe myself a couple of side - eyes. ~~

~~I miss the gym. Work has been too crazy. i think i may have overdone it on sunday though..And i forgot my kit at home. I need the distraction.~~

~~ For some reason i have fallen in love with "change ur parade. i think its the modulation close to the end that finally got me. On the other hand, that pishaun is hopelessly useless~~

~~Daddy bought me a new telly for my room. It was a surprise. The guy is happy that i've decided to stay at home. I've decided to paint my room peach and purple. however it turns out, it should be better than black~~

~~Do you sense it? if you have to ask me what then u don't need to know~~

~~Its transfer season. I'm moving to chelsea fc. I already have a jersey to start my future career. WAGS (of chelsea supporters)

~~ Temite makes me smile. Just like now. ~~

~~Nigeria will be playing Messi on saturday. Vag crossed ~~

~~I'll stop the world and melt with you. Maybe i'll go to the cinema~~

~~Surely it must be 6 hours already. Even while i know its not~~

~~Praying that work becomes even more hectic. I'll need it. As long as I've got some quality gym time though~~

~~I'm just yammering on. I need a hug. ~~

#np:  Lets stay together ~ Al Green

Friday, June 4, 2010

Its Friday, and I'm in love

I watched as my uncle was laid to
rest on saturday. I cried new tears as I watched the coffin being lowered into the ground. I cried with his children as they cast dust upon the coffin, commiting their father's body to mother earth. From dust to dust......
Across from me, I watched my father, tears in his eyes as he buried his brother not of the same blood. Friend, for over 40 years and I wept for him too. I saw my mother beside him, holding his hand. I knew that she was remembering a similar burial from 8 years ago. When she buried my late uncle's wife. Her friend and confidant. And I cried for her too.  And fell in love with my parents, all over again.
Most times we take our parents for granted. Assuming that they'd always be around. But what if?....My father was my bestie for many years. Until I felt like I'd outgrown him, and sought friendship elsewhere. Not anymore. Recently, i didnt speak to him voluntarily for almost 2 months becasue of something that was my fault. These days, i cant wait for him to travel, and be out of my way. Not anymore. Not anymore. I cannot fathom my life without my daddy. My champion. Every bruised knee, every career change, he's always been there. My biggest supporter and the apple of my eyes. Daddy's smile melts my heart. My soul knows every contour of his face. I wonder what I thought the first time I saw him. I wish I knew. But I know now that I want to savor every single second. My daddy....
Mummy. Friend. Mentor. Teacher...Kin. . The same way she carried me for 9 months, is the same way she has carried me for 23 years. With love, attention, devotion and dedication. I love to see her smile. There's so much of her in me. These days we rarely fight. There is no need to anymore. Now I'm drawing her closer. Stay a while longer. I dont ever wanna be free from you...
So I am in love. With my parents. They that bore me and gave me life. I am in love with life.
We take so many things for granted. We assume so many things. I know I blog about this alot. perhaps as a constant reminder to myself. A ringing in my mind. Telling me that I should not take anything for granted. The sand of the times of my life are slowly drifting into the other half of the hourglass. Let me not weigh my heart down, nor be burdened by that which I cannot change. Let me love me. and you. Let me live everyday in hope. Hope that today will be better than yesterday, even while knowing that my times are in His hands.
So have I told you lately that i love you? Have I told you lately that I care? If I havent, this is me , loving you. Dear life, dear loved one. My unchained melody.
To God, who has for now, blessed me with these...
To you, and yours, May He keep you from harm.
I love you

#np: The first time I ever saw your face ~ Leona Lewis
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday I'm in Love ;)

Lol...scratch my title. Or dont scratch it. Not yet, cos its not complete. I'm in love, yes. With love. I know, beat me. You were expecting something else weren't you? I've missed my blog and blogsville so much. My google reader has over 100 unread items. :s. Work has just been horrid and as I type, I am on hard bought borrowed time. Nevertheless, lemme make this count.

Its thursday, and I am in love with love. Not just for love's sake, but cos I'm learning new stuff everyday. You know that passage about love in Corinthians? Its so complete. Please read here : LOVE

And lately i've been thinking about it alot, and about what it means. But I wont preach about that, the bible is already explicit in that aspect. Instead, you know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Enjoy...

Do you agree? The part about highly desirable makes me smile. And if you've been reading my blog since last year, you'd know that I concur completely with the weakened brain, sparkling eyes, glowing cheeks and HBP. In addition to rabbitlike energy that is. :)

Everytime you offer your heart to someone, its never grudgingly. You know that it could turn out either ways. The person can either take it and keep it in their pocket and forget about it, (think Bridget Jones and the parable of the servants) or the person can nourish and protect it from hurt (this is my fave or the person can pretend its a trampoline and jump up and down on it till it disintegrates (insert possible wailing sounds (by u of course) here.) Either ways, you offer and then you wait.,

This is one of the most difficult parts. TRUST. Its soo hard right? But I see trust as a ecision. You either chose to trust someone or you dont.There's no half measures when it comes to this. Its a total surrender. A huge risk. Like jumping off a cliff. There can either be a nice soft cushion at the bottom or a nice bed of jagged rocks and broken bottles. Either way, you choose.

And after you decide to trust that person, you think these words. Because your trusting someone is majorly for you. And you peace of mind. The other person can either decide to break that trust, or uphold it.

It takes both parties to make a relationship work. All the loving in the world if one sided will never work. Two people working together, working at it, believing and trusting eachother. My friend Rico said something on twitter yesterday about friendship. He said "it is not me that is your friend. We are friends".

Scratch the valentine part. The picture was too cute not to use. It is my prayer that when you find that one person, that they'll find u too. And you'll be eachother's forever.

And when you decide on forever, you'll have to promise to always love, alwasy trust and always honor. Too bad most people dont understand this part. Love and marraige is not for kids. Its for grown people, who understand that every decision taken changes irrevocably the course of your life, and that of the people affected by that decision.

So please, as the picture says, love me till my heart stops. If I choose you, be sure that I'll be doing the same.

And finally,

Thats word enough isn't it?

P.s. Am I the only that thinks Loving someone is different from being in love with them? IMO the being in love part is the step after loving them. I may be wrong.

P.s.s. Because something came easy does not mean it came cheap. Someone else already paid for it. (my lil titbit of wisdom for the year)

P.s.s.s : I took the liberty of compiling a playlist for you. Uber-cheesy n tingzes. But love it you will

1)  Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison
2)  Melt With You - Modern English
3)  Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
4)   I Want To Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb
5)   I Want You To Want Me - Chris Isaak
6)   Always - Atlantic Starr
7)   Lets Stay Together - Al Green
8)   A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
9)   Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John
10) Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
11)  Ready For Love - India Arie
12)  Cant Smile Without you - Barry Manilow

(Can you tell that someone went on a downloading spree recently?)

In the style of Neefemi,

Audeo loves you.

p.s.s.s.s. All pictures courtesy of google.com