Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~~Tuesdays' thoughts~~

~~I swear i had all these beautifully random things i was going to say. But as usual, when i plan a post in advance it never seems good enough. so...i dont know whats gonna come out here but it'll be what i'm thinking. i think~~

~~keke marwa's/napep are the scourge of this earth. When i grow up, if i ever do, i shall buy myself a caterpiller/crane/trailer. whichever i can afford when i grow up, and i will hit every keke that crosses my path~~

~~My mind is almost 6000miles from here. actually just checked and its actually 3100miles. and 4800kms.~~

~~Never figured myself for the "teary eyed looking forlorn at the airport girl". It seems however, that I am. I however did not wail. I do not believe in causing a scene. That would be incredibly common. I did however have to wear my ray bans~~

~~I think people should get on with it and leave the "geek" look behind. But then again, who am I to judge.~~

~~I think i want a baby. But what on earth am I going to do with it? probably post it to my mother, labelled "fragile, handle with care."~~

~~I'm all sorts of melancholic today. And yes i know the reason. But the bad part is I cannot share. least not yet.~~

~~Thinking of what to get myself for my birthday. Maybe a teddy bear. Where will I be on my birthday? hopefully 3100miles from here.~~

~~I've had the most beautiful past 5weeks. Every single day. Eternally precious. Maybe i'll cry now~~

~~How many tears do you think its possible to cry? Like if one just kept on crying... tear glands are in the head right? is that why one gets headaches after crying for long? mayb e cos the glands have run out, and it nature's way of letting you know? in that case, what fills them up. as in whats the trigger? listen to sad songs and water flows from ur stomach to ur tear glands? ~~

~~i dont really need an answer. or maybe i do.~~

~~i hear that i like to act like i'm not sweet....i agreed. Thats the disturbing part. The part where i agreed...i owe myself a couple of side - eyes. ~~

~~I miss the gym. Work has been too crazy. i think i may have overdone it on sunday though..And i forgot my kit at home. I need the distraction.~~

~~ For some reason i have fallen in love with "change ur parade. i think its the modulation close to the end that finally got me. On the other hand, that pishaun is hopelessly useless~~

~~Daddy bought me a new telly for my room. It was a surprise. The guy is happy that i've decided to stay at home. I've decided to paint my room peach and purple. however it turns out, it should be better than black~~

~~Do you sense it? if you have to ask me what then u don't need to know~~

~~Its transfer season. I'm moving to chelsea fc. I already have a jersey to start my future career. WAGS (of chelsea supporters)

~~ Temite makes me smile. Just like now. ~~

~~Nigeria will be playing Messi on saturday. Vag crossed ~~

~~I'll stop the world and melt with you. Maybe i'll go to the cinema~~

~~Surely it must be 6 hours already. Even while i know its not~~

~~Praying that work becomes even more hectic. I'll need it. As long as I've got some quality gym time though~~

~~I'm just yammering on. I need a hug. ~~

#np:  Lets stay together ~ Al Green


kwasimodoh said...

Please please please please please Please please please please please Please please please please please Please please please please please Please please please please please Please please please please please don't become a chelsea fan. :(

Temite said...

awwww you are a darling.
And you make me smile...widely...oh actually...you make me grin. :D

Hugs...the funny thing is you didnt say anything but I heard it all...but then again you did say everything. :D

You know...you will be fyne and the one thats 3100 miles away...will be as well. You both will be fine.

Have a great day cherub.

Fabulo-la said...

Even as melancholic as u sound, sth tells me you know how to cheer urself up.
And if u dont, ((((HUGS)))) babes

If I send kisses will u take them too?


No? No kisses?

Hmm ok...

U sure?

Here they are anyways
yes big kisses.

yetitweets said...

The distance is not in the place where it matters, and u'll be surprised to c ow resilent that organ is.


Imma add u to my prayer list. Bless.

neefemi said...

Lol at kwasimodoh, my sentiments exactly though. Chelsea really? Big hugs though, and Amen to being 3100 miles on ur birthday.stay strong, LDRS aren't pretty, even if its for a short while, pele.

Myne Whitman said...

LDR is not easy but I am a witness, it can be done. Take heart dear and have a HUG.

ANd NO to Chelsea. Man U 4 Lyfe! :):)

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

*GRINNING* @ marwa keke...wetin dem do you?

BLUES FOR LIFE!...YEAH!..no vex kwasimodoh..hehehehe.