Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesdays' Thoughts - Oga Police

~~I am addicted to police checkpoints. Yeah , if I were you I'd give myself side-eye too. But seriously, whenever I get to a spot that has been a checkpoint at some point in the past, I slow down and turn my interior lights on. Doesn't matter whether its at night or during the day. Is there some form of rehab for this? Let me add that sometimes I even smile~~

~~But what is it with policemen and those disgusting torchlights? (not calling them flashlights.) They shove the beam in your face, flicking their wrists and tinz. Now if I didn't have "inner" lights, I'd totally understand. But nooooo, the part where as a policeman at a checkpoint you apply some common sense is totally wasted on that lot. Like I'm sat there, all interior lights on, and you are still flashing something in my face. And the adeptness at wrist flicking…..tells me that they must wank a lot.~~

~~I think I need new music in my life. Real music. I have been stuck on sad crybaby love songs for a bit and the red lipstick girl in me is beginning to protest~~

~~Its my birthday soon *insert alanta here* I dare you to tell me that its still three months away. Ask me what I want!!! Ask me please~~

~~So my carrot lady retired from active duty. Apparently she now sells groundnuts. Like seriously, wtf??!!!~~

~~My darling cowbells came back. Either that or I just got used to the new ones. *shrugs*~~

~~Have you been to adeyemo alakija at night? The prostitutes there ehn!!!na die. You should see me and my male colleagues when going to our cars at night. Whether its fear or wonderment on our faces, I don't know. But we definitely speedwalk. Anyways, one of the boys was offered a "soft massage" a week ago. ROTFLMAO. What the heck is a soft massage? He didn't ask. He should have in my own opinion. Chicken~~

~~Speaking of chickens and super chickens. Isn't FATKUBU the most hilarious word you've heard in a while? Like seriously….effing genius that word. FATKUBU. Still laughing~~

~~Remember my post of 4 May 2010 where I complained about doing squats? Lets just say you wont hear me complaining again. THEY ARE WORKING!!!!!!! Wale is a genius. Speaking of Wale, I haven't seen him in almost 3 weeks L~~

~~And 3 weeks reminds me that its been exactly 3 weeks. Feels a lot longer. I miss Superman. ~~

~~These days when I shower after gym I arrange my bath stuff in a systematic order. Body was, facial wash then vag wash. It became necessary when I used Femfresh as facial wash two weeks ago. My friends think I did it on purpose. Even I know I am not that weird~~

~~I wrote on Neefemi's blog. All the wonderful sexy music from 2007. It was a hawt hawt year and I was a hawt hawt mess~~

~~My BB contacts need to be reduced by 1. Yes I'm picking on someone. The person is an absolute sweetheart but as you know I abhor broadcasts. Especially ones that start with "sorry about the broadcast" > If you were sorry you'd ask first. Anyways I probably wont. Like I said, sweetheart~~

~~It's amusing to see people just going silly over Owl City. You shoulda listened to me 2 months ago. But I understand. Same goes for Dr Sid. Trust my ears darlings~~

~~What's with subliminals on twitter? O_o. I mean I'm guilty but only to the extent that I am not referring to someone on twitter. But the viciousness. OMG it hurts to just read my TL these days. And apparently I'm not twitter cool anymore. *shrugs*~~

~~Shakira's world cup song? BIG FAT SIDE EYE~~

~~Are you loving Lady Antebellum yet? Not just in " Need You Now". You need to. And why are people hating on Nicki Minaj? Makes no sense! Swagga jacking or no, #isityourbusines? She's hot and she's hot and in her own words, she never do a feature that wasn't on Billboard.~~

~~That being said, I crammed her rap from "hold yuh". Me too all I wanna do is to sign boobs and be taking pics. She's just so adorable~~

~~Can't wait for my one and only Yimu aka Rikokomaster to be back home *alanta* Yes I'm sucking up. He better buy all my stuff~~

~~The ladies at the gym must think I'm a bit weird. Must be cos I have Mozart on full volume in the changing rooms everyday~~

~~Did you read my tweet about the Indian guy with the garlicky fart? I nearly passed out this morning. Tomorrow I am going in. Sure in hand. Like it was right in my face!!!!~~

~~Work is about to get really crazy. God help me. For the next two weeks it'll be 20hr work days. I'll miss you guys~~

#np: London Underground ~ Mike Skinner ( Have you heard this song? Its FILARIOUS (fucking hilarious) ). Please if you know any other songs by Mike Skinner please let me know.

Peace n tingz.

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The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

lol...you sure do have a sense of humor...have a nice week ahead.

9jaPhoenix said...


I know I shouldn't complain about your randomness but WOW. Like //o_0\\ ahnahn!

I hate police check points ehnnn..arrrgggghh effing leeches those guys are mahn geez...iThank God for being able to use Ogboju for them...

I do twitter subliminals too oh. Lol. hehehehehe. Hate it when I dunno who's refering to who though...

Btw, I hate Shakira's world cup song but guess what? Its VIRAL arrrggghh...

neefemi said...

lol, u are a character.

what do u want for ur bday hun?

Pele about work. we shall miss you, stop by soon

Thanks so much again, i shall be enlisting your help soon i'm sure

tk cr

T.Notes said...

Lol!!!Love your random ramblings!!!

1.As much as i relish my subtle annonymity,hmmm,you clearly ply alot of the same routes i do mondays to fridays!Chances are high that i've driven by you bobbing your head to them 2007 musics on falomo brigde traffic!

2.Hmm,them adeyemo alakija girls arent taking it easy o. Me n my pals at work are notorious for purposefully slowing down whilst driving that route. Lol,one naughty one of us usually screams 'how much'?!That slow massage don't sound like a bad deal o. Well depending on the area she'll be covering.*evil wink*

3. Right on point with them police checkpoints!Those guys are a nuisance with their stupid torchlights. These days i've mapped their hiding spots and i just speed past leaving them flashing the thing madly. Don't try it at home o!

4. 20hour work shift or none, we don't care, just don't be too far from your blog page!