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~What little brothers are made of~

You know how we have Mothers' day and Fathers' day. Apparently, there's also Brothers' day. :s abi? Yeah i'm confused too. Didnt know as well. But that's entirely besides the point. Thing is my aunt is still in Nigeria, and still staying in my room and although I'd moved out for a bit, I was totally missing home. So sunday night I decided to sleep in my little brother's room. And mosquitoes bit the hell out of me. I didnt exactly complain but he understood. When I got home yesterday, braced for part two, I met the room arranged, mosquito free and the second single bed laid with fresh sheets. My baby brother was looking out for me. As usual.

I was with a friend yesterday and he said something about little brothers being angels. I may have disagreed with him. Growing up with mine was pure torture at times. He blackmailed me for a bit, tried to stick freshly put out candle in my right eye, stabbed me with a fork, made me burn my finger in the cigarette lighter thingy, and connived with my older brother to lock me up in a wardrobe. And that's just the stuff I remember. but as we grew older, we grew closer.

Now my memories of him are made of the music we listen to together, the girls we talk about, the laundry he helps me with (for a fee), the car he helps me clean (again, for a fee), the times i irritate the hell out of him and he sticks with it, the video games we play together, all the times he stays awake to open the gate for me when I get home and that adorable way he smiles when I tease him about stuff. He's all growed up now. Just like me.

Little brothers are made of rocks and feathers. of noise, music and tantrums. They are made of pranks and plans. They are made of strong shoulders and tissue paper, of fresh laundry and dirty socks. Of ants in your lingerie drawer and of whites turned pink cause they forgot to take out that red sweater when they helped you load your clothes in the machine. They are made of petty errands and breakfast in bed whether or not you are ill. They are made of trips to car service centers and company to a movie. They are made of headless barbie dolls and superman comics. And so much more.

My friend, my wingman, my angel, my 'firstborn", my brother.

My baby brother.

#np: If my heart was a house ~ Owl City
(My heart is a house and you Dipshit are most definitely home.)

P.s. If you're leaving a comment, let me know what your baby brother means to you (if you've got one)


Oluwafemi said…
I'm the gentle type,so my lil bro was always the one taking care of any1 tryna pick on his bro. He kicked my ass a couple times too tho,but i love the rugrat all the same.
soprano said…
Like how ur words jus flow like u thunk em on d buttons.particularly like d hot candle in ur eye,whoelse wud do that but ur loving brother.I've got one n love him to death but he is either d devil or jus has a gift for knowing how to get on my last nerve
neefemi said…
awwwww i almost cried, just spent the weekend with my brother and i was so happy, hadn't seen him in like 7months. So my mum calls me to ask me if i cooked for him and my dad sends me a text to ask me how his boy his....mschewwww, i love my brother die. is it bad to say i wish all men were like him? :)

Loved this........
Kwasimodoh said…
as a "little brother" myself, i endorse this post. and on behalf of little brothers worldwide, i hereby ask for an increase in fees paid, and access to your friends who think we're cute :D
Aaaaaw!!!!! That was tooo sweet! I miss my lil brother so much...ok he isnt 'lil' ...short but younger than me! Im so proud of him as well! He takes care of us ( me and my baby sis) and it must b so hard 4 him cuz he is the shortest! I love him so! He is all grown up...he used to be sooo shy now he is n a hip hop dance group...he organises events (who wud hv thunk it)! WOW...i swell with pride any time i think of him now even tho he can be sooo irritating...damn the boy has a one track mind sometimes! (sorry this is turning into blog post of my own) He is soooo anal as well! Iyama! BUt still i respect him 4 that...i respect him 4 a lot of things!
i remember one time he was about to have a holiday from school and wanted to come stay wiv me and when i said i wudnt b around he got sooo upset...yes he loves me tooo!!! Omdayzzzz see dust! Oya sorry im going! #bottomlineis my brother means the world to Shogl8 (thats what we call each other) ;)
Anthonette said…
Hmmmm interesting.... I remember hearing some of this story back in them days. Lol
I have a lil bro too but I guess I can say lil anymore being that he is 6ft 2” and I am 5ft 4”. Lol
My lil bro is also very special and helpful, kills me with bare jokes anytime we are home together, he puts the Gen On and Off, makes me tea when am lazy and even cooks at times. Don't be fooled he's no saint~ he's very very sturborn, he feels untouchable cos of his height and Taxes me like hell, weekly recharge cards, commission on every errand etc

Ms.O said…
I Have two baby brothers and they really are my right and left heart like I call them. Just like you growing up with them was torture! they were always conniving to embarass me! But as we grow older, they care too much about me and are always there to protect me. When they call to ask me for advice I beam with joy at how much we have all grown up. They are my number one fans and vice-versa. Ok you just got me all teary eyed..:( I love my brothers and I miss them!
Ms.Oreoluwa said…
Apparently you put this up on hus birthday. My baby brother is my little prince. I spoil him silly. Wen his home and can't stop :(. I miss him soo much now. :'( and to think there was a time we hated each other and he put up a "do not enter" sign on his door. And he included in caps Especially Ore. Lol. I now live in his room. And made him take mine. He does all this random little cute things. Like laste year for his birthday when we went to see him in school withrice and ish he was so embrassed and this year, I didn't go because I couldn't. He called me and shouted that we didn't show up. Lol. He is sooo grown now. *sigh* next thing he'll start having girls sleeping over and what not. I don't ever think I stop seeing him as a baby tho. He also taught me how 2 play burn out. "Forgiveness is for the weak, get Revenge". That was what was on the pack.

Sorry for this being ridiculously long. I really do miss him. And now I'm going to see him next saturday with a huge Manu cake. Thank you.
Audeo said…
awww....thanks guys. Baby brothers are special arent they?

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