Tuesday, May 4, 2010

~~Tuesday's Thoughts~~

~~My Butt is not my own but does Wale(my personal trainer (thats right! i have a personal trainer..yay me) always have to make me do squats in front of the mirror? And all those lechs staring at my butt. I did say I wanted to save the butt(it came to me when I put on weight) but.,..ahan. i'm shy~~

~~That being said, I love working out. I really do. and Wale is how shall I say...merveilleux... but my body is really hurting :( and yet I still want to go back. Lezz not forget that I'm walking like a stuffed rooster (the top of my thighs hurt so I cant really stand up straight. Kinda like squat-walking.~~

~~About Smelly balls...saw him this morning. He has lost a bit of weight. He did have 95,000 stolen from him. :( on his behalf..Balls may not be so smelly anymore ~~

~~I confess that I'm always full of glee when "waka" or give someone who overtakes me the "finger" . I know. totally unladylike. But thats's not even the issue. See I never brush my hair before leaving home in the mornings(eternal tardiness). So imagine this, you overtake a seemingly sane looking human on 3rd mainland bridge, then she turns her black, half made up face towards you, bares her teeth and either "waka"s u or gives you the finger. Yep! that was me. Enough to give someone a heart attack i tell ya!~~

~~Speaking about heart attacks, i nearly had one on my friend's behalf last week, when his neighbour's gateman rammed a visitor's car (he'd been instructed to wash it) into his 2009 Honda accord. Now, i've been bunking at his since my extended family came back for the wedding (it went brilliantly. I hate wedding duty. and they have refused to go back) and i usually park my car in that exact spot. Spot of bad luck i tell ya! and the bleeding gateman has run away. Yoruba ninja's correct me if this is wrong but iru oshi wo lele yi" ~~

~~ Wedding duty..mmmm...remember i told you i refused to buy aso ebi (apparently that is a sin repayable only by annihilation ...RMBE(rolling my big eyes.)(not one word about my eyes being small...#eezityablog?) anyways, my aunt was now rubbing the aso ebi in my eyes....smh..i may have encouraged her sha...was making sad weepy sounding sounds about regretting my decision. Bwahahaha..in my mind I was like...."kmt..just wait for me on that wedding day)~My mum made my dress. I loved it, it was a hit. My younger brother guaranteed that I'd have toasters...i did..*blush* it was a soft wavy deep purple chiffon thingy with pink underlay...hard to describe sha...but it was delish...and my aunty was doing me "eyes is pushing me' ...oh well it was either that or "stupid small gel"~ Anyways, back to wedding duty...chai! I had my ass in the air for half of the entire reception. Picking money!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smh..It was almost humiliating. Even my daddy came to spray my cousin and he couldnt spare even one N200 for me!!! kai...the good thing about picking money is that when they spray stuff like N1000, N500, N200 notes, they manage the fall nicely..HOWEVER, eez all those yeye, mumu N100,N50, N20 notes that will now be dancing around. now imagine my ass in the air, rotating and wiggling on top say i'm trying to hunt down one stoopid N20 note...#deepsigh...yes it happened.~~

~~Anyways, in a "Waving Flag" tune, "when i get married, dont spray me money , put in an envelope, just like a human being" (rhyming n tingz iz not my thing. but u understand)~~

~~I am grateful to God for the peace He has given me. I am chasing after nothing. Anything that is mine will come to me. I can honestly say that I am in a place of peace~~

~~kai, thaz how I went to jabo at an office meeting. On top say they'll give me free vodka/tonic after. smh,omg, everything everything~~

~~I'm laughing abit as I'm writing this post. And my belle is paining me...*wailing...Waleeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

~~I found my house. The one I am going to rent. I love it to lickle bits of heaven sized pieces of rainbow dust.....i know how silly that sounds but thats just how I feel about the place...now to get the rent money....ABRACABRABRA...see i cant even spell it :(~~ *God is able*

~~Did i mention that the kitchen in this place is divine? Imagine all the dinner parties I'd have!~~

~~About the German...another deepsigh.....~~

~~My younger brother is on twitter. Surely he will block me. I've had my eye scanning his timeline since. That being said, i love him to tiny lickle bits. He's the male version of me.(((hugs))).~~

~~Loving Lady Antebellum. You should too. My faves are "If I knew then" and the obvious "Need you now"~~

All that being said,

Have a lovely week people.

p.s. Big thank you to all my followers. I remember when it was just 5. Please refer people. I do love to write and even more when people read. Godbless


Jayla said...

Lol @ your bum in the air........... How can u gadge up and them go to pick money? You should have gathered little cousins and supervise them from the sideline.

You make me look forward to Tuesays

Audeo said...

@Jayla ...aaah.. i'm like the littlest cousin so to speak. jacking coming along nicely? will remember you in my prayers. Bless you

neefemi said...

Damon is my Wale and i hate him, i refuse to go in this week. swimming will be my exercise for the week. God is able & will provide your needs according to his riches in glory. And i love love Lady Antebellum. They rock pieces...have a good week

igest said...

LWKMDfho(laugh wan kill me die for here ohh)OMG Bimbo ur such a silly funny goose)@ you overtake a seemingly sane looking human on 3rd mainland bridge, then she turns her black, half made up face towards you, bares her teeth and either "waka"s u or gives you the finger. Yep! that was me. Enough to give someone a heart attack i tell ya!~~
This really crak me UP now my stomach hurts from laugther . pls invite me for ur house warming ohh. been a while. nice write up hav u considered writing a book???? u could be our next chimamada u kn? PEACE!!!!!!! LOL

Audeo said...

@neefemi the thing is I even want to go back. This is me that my muscles hurt like crazy. And thank you. I know he will

@igest lmao. Its true isn't it.yeah babes its been a while. If I get the place, definitely. And about writing a book, we'll see ;)

Olalekt said...

Bimbo you have lost it finally

Audeo said...

@olalekt :p ..*dancing alanta* btw, i'm sacking Tuface..now I want Djinee....insert BBM dancing emoticon

Myne Whitman said...

I like your randoms o, they got me cracking up so much, lol. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Fabulo-la said...

LOOOL! @ Your bum in the air!
But those count as squats....no?