Thursday, May 27, 2010

shame to bad + some plain old rambling

First things first. I'm so sorry I've been away. Well sorta. I was down with tonsillitis. Bleudeh thing is still here but on tuesday it was raging. So I couldn't do Tuesday's thots. Shame to bad people

This post might be kinda random. But I dont know yet. Infact I never know the words until I'm actually writing them.

Its Uncle Frank's burial this weekend. I was wondering, Can YOU hold his kids now?

That which I feared and loathed happened. And the world did not come to an end. It didn't shake or tilt sideways. Nothing happened. Finally

That other thing which I feared, loathed and craved happened. And the world also did not come to an end. It just shook itself, shifted slightly and let things fall into place almost perfectly. Like they were like that from the beginning

You must be thinking that finally! She has gone mad! I won't blame you. :p

Haven't had a meal since saturday. Let my throat clear up so that I can resume my daily daily merecine (TFC porraige and chicken)

I also haven't been to the gym in a bit. I miss Wale. And my work outs.

God is good. Please say All the time.

Faith is the only thing that matters. I've always known that. Do you?

Did you like my last post? I think I missed out something. Another letter. To be addressed to my future inlaws. Oh well

I loved it too. :p

I've tire. Can't I just grow up already.

The end


Jayla said...

Pele dear, get well soon. I suffer tonsillitis like mad too, i've been begging my GP to yank d bloody thing off.

Ms.O said...

Feel better dear. I feel like eating porridge now thanx to you!

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry my dear, I know that can be very painful, you may need to take it out. Get well soon please.

ps, I really enjoyed the last entry.

neefemi said...

Pele darling, feel better soon and God is good all the time...

Fabulo-la said...

Get well quicklyxx