Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~~Tuesdays' Thoughts~~

~~I've worked myself up and into a state today. I am extremely excited. But I wont tell you why~~

~~Behold the Senior Olympics. Thaz how me and my baby sis went to swim. I was too lazy to drive to the island. My 1st mistake. If you see the old men at this pool ehn? chai~~

~~There's this guy at my gym. O fine gan (he is very fine). All muscular and all.  Not that i'm attracted to all that. I prefer a bit of lank, which is surprising considering....... Anyways thats not why i'm even thinking about him. The problem is that this guy is always showing himself on the treadmill..(no not like that..ahan!ur mind is dirty o!!) ..yeah..showing himself. He'll increase the speed level to like 14 andd the gradient to 5.5. AHAN!!! ONLY YOU!!!. now we're usually not exactly beside each other but I always see him huffing and puffing while running (i can rhyme abi?) about 4 machines away from me. However yesterday, I almost fell off the cross trainer while staring at his monitor in awe. So i now tried to do my own and I nearly broke all my front teeth in the process. Tom and jerry style~~

~~ But really though, dont people like that make you want to trip them while they are on the machine? no? just me then~~

~~"Daddy's home" .....and its time to play (iGet this song)~~

~~Like ....Wale never listens to me. Especially when I'm screaming "i'm dying here"...why? :( yeah i'm lazy. so? gerrof jor~~

~~I saw Nicki Minaj's bum bum bum bum (i added the last two cos well you know that it deserves more than just two. It is legendary.  are you the only one in this world? Me that i'm just gyming my ill-acquired bum away.Anyways I went to cram the lyrics to her "Your love" song. Just to be closer to her. Maybe my bum will become a bum bum bum bum~~

~~I dont know why people are hating on Afrocandy. The chic is hilarious. plus she aint exactly lying. Ask the people that practice what she's preaching. Anyways I think she's hilarious~~

~~like my BBM status says, "how many frogs till I get to the prince. I'm sure he must be getting tired of waiting as well. Dont let world people carry him o. ~~

~~Now where did that come from?~~

~~I have officially overdosed on carrots. At night I salivate about the carrots i'm gonna buy in the morning and when I finally buy them the next day, I salivate about the ones i'll buy the next day. #deepsigh~~

~~ S on my chest let me get my cape on, where(?) the certificate that I change my name on...You see....if i dont grow that bum bum bum bum, just close ur eyes and attach Nicki's bum to my backside. I'll put a photo of my backside here if you need visuals ~~

~~ I kid ~~

~~ Work is a pain in my spine. Surely nothing can be more painful? I'd really love to win the lottery and then resign. Or finally marry Otedola. If only I know where he is. Thaz how i told one at church on sunday that that is my main goal in this life right now. He gave me a blank stare and said (looking rather disgustingly at me i might add) "Nana is my relative". I replied.. well she should learn to share. ~~

~~He was joking. :) I was not :| . Seriously women with rich husbands should do like a yearly "borrow my husband or a day" bonanza. ~~

~~I'm sensing I have developed gold digger tendencies..#deepsigh. Can i give myself  side - eye ? yes? ok.. O_o ~~

~~ I really really need a massage. I'm sat here and my back is cramping. A says I cant let Wale give me one. Please help me ask him #eezityaback? ~~

~~The way people #hashtag things on twirra these days ehn? #akara #freeBIS #gtfoh #unfollow. kmt. Apart from that, if you've asked me for my pin and I didnt reply, dont DM me to ask for it again. I saw it the first time. I'm not being or snobbish. We just dont have anything to say to each other. Free the issue~~

~~9ice and "whatshisfacegimmeyourpin" Ruggedman drama? hilarity and what looks like guilty con con. not like you asked me sha but...~~

~~I wanna throw a party. Especially now that i've moved back home. My rooftop is looking lonely~~

~~Seeing as my daddy refused to gimme house rent money, i've decided to paint my room blood red and my bathroom black. How much is a can of Dulux please. Knowing the guy sha i'd prolly be doing myself cos he'd say sumn like "this is a very nice shade of red|"...~~

~~Another #deepsigh~~

~~I love it when people (by people I mean Amirikans) say "I go(a)t you" ..ubersexy..~~

~~Moving into a hotel again. Not bad. Tired of buying petrol anyways. But it had better not be an atutupoyoyo hotel. I wont go! ~~

~~"i will never believe in anything again"...Fall out Boy ~~

#np: Coffee's for Closers ~ FOB


neefemi said...

You make my Tuesdays really.... i hardly know what to comment on really...have a great rest of the week ma

Myne Whitman said...

It's nice just reading your little randoms. Enjoy your week.

Fabulo-la said...

Yes I always want to kill those oversabis at the gym too..hissssssssss

Nice Anon said...

lol I tried having a conversation with this HOT dude at the gym.. turns out he's from Brazil and doesn't understand a lick of English but chei he is hot o!

Naughty Eyes said...

Interesting randoms, Audeo mostly centered around exercise and music themes... Somehow I like your Dad's sense of sarcasm...
For some odd reason, I haven't seen Minaj's bum bum bum bum...
Nice read as always!

PS: Now I know why the PIN request was ignored... 2 strikes against me!