Friday, May 7, 2010

~While I was Sleeping~

I started this post yesterday on my Blackberry and the stupid thing has seen it fit to die. perhaps this time eternally. It appears that the charging port and the battery and the chargers are faulty. So i'm really upset right now. Not just cos I cant access my post and I dont remember all of what I'd written, but cos I hate all other blackberrys that are not Bold 1. *insert BBm wailing emoticon* Anyways, i'll make up the post as I go along.

While I was sleeping, I dreamt. It wasnt your normal pre-recorded( i have used this word alot in the past two days) dreams, it was more pay-as-you-go like. I was at my friend's yesterday afternoon and fell asleep on the living room couch while he was on the phone. Then I started dreaming exactly what he was saying on the phone. Cool right?

So I'm at his workplace (sorry cant disclose where cos its a true story) and there's this two married people(not a couple. as in married to other people) who are having an affair. I see them being advised by their friend to seek help to end the relationship. Apparently its been going on for about two years. I see them saying the love each other. (O_o) yah! Then cut back to his house where the bathroom has miraculously changed to all pink (Eek! O_O). And there's a baby diaper changing station (O_o).

Sadly thats all I remember of that. When I asked him later though he said the person he was talking to wanted to change the colour scheme of her bathroom. So I guess I wasnt too off the mark. :D

Seeing as my Title promised a dream, I'll tell the one I had at night. Now i've been totally crushing on Djinee ever since I saw that Overkilling video. Omdzzz, he can take it for dayszzzz *blush*. But the thing is, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I adore M.I. All that said, I dreamt of M.I last night. like I finally has the opportunity to declare my intentions to kidnap him and make him sing to me for the rest of both our lives. And what did i do? I started gushing about Djinee. Like seriously!!! *insert disgusted look* And Mr Incredible was just looking at me as I was ranting. At some point, I broke into "Alanta". Now everytime I say "alanta' on twitter, people must assume I really mean alanta. I dont. Thing is I assume that BBm dancing emoticon is actually alanta. Its such a happy dance step. You must agree with me. And that emoticon is the height of excitement. Yeah so....I broke into alanta in front of M.I.

*insert another disgusted look*

I'm obviously disgusted at my dream persona. What utter crock. Now in real life, when I finally meet M.I, i'll wave shyly (casual like) and say I love his music, although some of the lyrics are off sometimes, but I think he's uber talented. I'll also tell him to change his stylist. I dont pretend to be a fashionista, at all. But surely he must be tired of those bomber (leather to you) jackets. Surely!!! But then i do love him dearly so maybe not.

Notice how Djinee does not feature in my real life? Thats cos I'm already over him *sob sob bleh* I bought his album. Its ok. The music isnt the problem. The real problem is the album photo. He looks O_o (one kain). and he had this fugly thing around his neck. I'm uber uber way way to much way sad about the turn of events. I was having such a lovely time fantasizing about him. Oh well...thats how the river blows and the wind flows ( i may have mixed that last bit up but I cant be asked to go back and change it :D)

In other music related news, I am in love with Dr Sid's "Turning Point". Forget that you already know 3/4 out of all the songs on the album, monster hits that they were (in L's words). The album is made up of so much feel good music. I havent been out this year, but this album makes me to squeeze into my too tight mini dresses and go dancing. I love how Don Jazzy is trying new things. The man is indeed a genius. BUY EET! i wish i could buy them online so that i'm sure the money is entering Sidney's pocket. The first two songs reming me of a time when I was blissfully happy. I still am happy. But everything was so rose-colored then. Champagne and bartops. That sort of ish. may see me out tonight. If you do, be sure that in my head, i'll be #nowplaying You can never beat me on the dance (dance) floor "When this song comes on" ~ Dr Sid


lani said...

omo, me sef I must become superstar, so people will be dreaming bout me

and ..I'm also a big fan of BB bold 9000

NakedSha said...

Nice post. Thx fr stopping by at my blog.

Kwasimodoh said...

how often do u fall asleep at ur friend's cribs? come over and fall asleep in mine once in a while :D

oh yeah sorry about ur bb, i feel ur hatred for all blackberrys that arent bold I...

neefemi said...

def feel ur hatred for all bbs that ain't bold men and lol @ lani, thats what i say so that fellas can be dreaming about me....and lol @ what you did with M.I, thats just special