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Itchy Itchy Boys. Is it Break up season?

Seriously though! WTF is wrong with boys nowadays. No i'm not venting. At least not on here. But i'll ask my question again...WTF IS WRONG WITH BOYS NOWADAYS!!!

In the past three weeks, all i've heard about relationships is news of couples breaking up. or rather boys breaking up with their girlfriends and for the same inane reason. 'I'm tired' weren't so tired when u were climbing between her legs last night were you? What is it that causes the male species to just go funny. Now i'm not saying girls are innocent or nothing. Far from it. I even consider myself as some form of a leader of girls going funny. So thats not it. I'm merely here to examine. So i'm hoping for comments.

As to what brought on this campaign, i heard yesterday of another 'I'm tired, so i'm leaving you'....another one too many. And I just dont get it. You bandy the relationship about for weeks, months, years, and wake up one day tired. You may argue that its everyone's right to be happy and if one person doesnt bring you the happiness and fulfilment you believe you deserve then #shehastogo?....Quick question though. At what point did you first realise it? The point where you started fucking someone else? or the time when all of a sudden you realise the relationship has become a buren. My dear male friends, you dont wake up and realise anything. At first its a thought, before it becomes an action.

And what if all of a sudden, it seems like its not working anymore, is hightailing it the only option? Have you considered that there are two people in that relationship? And what about all the promises you made to the other person. Either expressly or implied? I keep saying that things said cannot be unsaid. Actions cannot be undone. I am not angry. Just full of pity.

We are all equipped to handle situations in ways that may lesson the hurt that other people might feel because of our actions. Forget the bullshit about not letting anyone be responsible for your happiness. At some point in our lives, someone else holds our happiness. What do you do with the happiness you hold? So I pity you. Whoever you are if you are reading this post and at some point have not thought of someone else's happiness before acting out your selfishness, and your inability to stay focused. There's a special hell for you. No not the one where you die first. The one that lives with you. And you may not ever understand what you have done if by your actions, you have caused another human whom you promised to love pain.

Pause. Look and Think.

#np: Right Side Of My Brain ~ The Dream


Naughty Eyes said…
Wow! Insightful... Very very deep. Like you said, the situation you discussed here applies to both sexes. The part about holding someone's happiness is so on point...
People get "tired" in relationships sometimes when they believe they're going nowhere fast, not necessarily because of a new sex partner. It might even be left for your other half to revive the relationship by pointing both of you a new direction.
Maintaining a relationship requires a certain amount of hardwork, something which sadly very many people exclude from the equation nowadays in favour of the pleasure principle.
My 5 kobo... Shutting up...
Anonymous said…
Sweety not only is there a place for them in hell. Karma is just around d corner. I find the I am tired as the most stupid excuse to break up with anyone. Tired of what exactly? *hiss*
Noble Igwe said…
Nice article.
neefemi said…
my ex is in that same hell - when he said it was over, i guess he wasn't thinking - now he wants back - but he will be alright
nicely put ma
Fabulo-la said…
...but er..what if you are REALLY tired?

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