Thursday, December 31, 2009

If I should die tonight

It's the end of a decade. A decade well lived? let god be the judge of that. But if I should die tonight, I shall say it was a beautiful decade. I made friends, and I lost friends. I became born again, and I strayed far away. I had sex, fell in love, had my heart broken and i'm mending nicely. I tested my alcohol limits and took drugs. I joined hi5, zorpia, facebook and twitter. I graduated top 2 in my class, won an award, and started a career. I fell deeply in love with music, and wrote a short story. I saw a black man become American president, and saw a nigerian try to bomb a plane. I fancied myself as a character in a tv series and often felt like I was watching my life from the outside.

I learned that we underestimate the power of self. Self-love, self-worth, Self-help, e.t.c. The things we fear we cannot do on our own, the power we feel we lack. But we can do anything we set our mind to. only if we can set the fear free. I have learned that "i restore myself when I am alone."

I learned to regret nothing. It changes nothing and spoils whatever satisfaction you have taken from a situation. It would mean to me that I have made a thoughtless decision. It would mean i lied to myself. I dont do both.

I have learned that love doesnt always stay, doesnt always come thru, but it doesnt always hurt. Not everyday. I have learned that it gives you strength, and leaves you with strength. I have learned that it makes you feel that everything is possible but also cushions you when you realise that pigs cannot fly because they do not have wings.

I have learned that speaking my mind may not always be th best thing but it is always the right thing. As a friend told me in 2000, "if you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything". I speak my mind. If you do not like it, please walk away. I assure you that you will not be lonely on that road. Too many times i have seen mistakes made because people preferred to lie than express true opinion.

I have learned than I am not perfect, no one is really. So I shall not expect others to do things the way I would. I shall however see their differences and try to work to make things better.

I have learned that friendships may not always last or relationships even. But what matters is what you leave behind. Be true.

So my dear friend, if i should die tonight, I shall do so knowing that I have learned the above. That's not bad at all.

To a decade well lived. And lots more to come. Cheers.

#np: Bang the Doldrums ~~ Fall Out Boy


plastiQ said...

Nice., I'm thinking: What if i died tonight.

neefemi said...

Not bad @ all...thankful that God brougt you will be our best year yet..Happy New Year and God Bless

man_jude said... do i get to read ur short story?.....

Anonymous said...

Profound, classic,like it, you will climb that Everest and not settle for Kilimanjaro as you said - PI