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Tequila and Lime, but this time with a twist ;)

No I haven't been drinking. Well I have. Just not tequila.

Hey people. I decided to start naming my friday nights or else this post would have been titled 'On another friday night, that might have turned out to be just another friday night, only it wasnt' ..... and that would have been a bit much. And yes, this post is about a friday night. Two friday nights ago actually. The night of Lami's album lunch amongst other things.(which i shall surely talk about in a bit).

I'd planned for this friday. My dress, my hair, my shoes, my make up and all the other things people could see. What they couldnt see, I had planned for with even more ferocity than the things they could see. I had decided to play a part. I pride myself on being a good actress. Forget tears and all that. I can break out in sweat. A lot more interesting i tell you. For this friday night, I decided to play Quicksilver. In my head that'll be like Beyonce's Sasha Fierce. Without the Sasha Fierce body but nonetheless hot like fire, within reach but not quite close enough for you to hold on to. Flirtatious smile, and deceptive eyes. You know, the type that boys like. Oh and i forgot my knickers at home.

Lest i forget to mention, I spent 6 bloody hours at the hairdressers' . SIX! got home at about 8pm with a headache. BB pinging in angry frustration...err actually those where the pings of all the appointments I had cancelled because of hair, mani and pedi. I sped home to get ready. Semi-bloodshot eyes due to lack of rest. Searching frantically for my Visine and another nicotine stick to keep me awake.  Got home, jumped in the bath and emerged smelling like some fantastic wareva. you get! the dress I had chosen was a grey and black sheath. Unforgiving. So short i couldnt afford to bend over. And the gorgeous navy heels. Dark eyeshadow, pale pink lipgloss and blush later, I strutted out of the house, sans knickers of course.

Next was the mad dash to the petrol station. My tank was empty and it was almost 10pm. Thank goodness for oando on awolowo road. that sorted i headed to The Moorehouse for the first of many drinks of the night. I pushed down a double henny, smiled my Quciksilver smile and left. Next was Che. I was at least 2hours late for Voltron but waiting for me was half a bottle of voddie and good friends.

Twelve straight and loving hugs later, I headed for the Oriental. High but not quite, replenished lip gloss and that Oh so inviting smile in place i strutted into the lobby. from one man to the other. Blowing kisses here and there, smiling my way through it all. I owned my night. Staying in one place for no longer than 5minutes, leaving goodwill in my wake. Saying promises with my eyes. The ones i never intend to fulfil.

On that same high, I left Oriental and headed for Bacchus. That was over and then GET, which i still dont get btw.

Headed to Autolounge to meet up a couple of friends. One of whom decided a blow job was in order. I reckon he's still waiting for it. If you are reading this darling, I suggest you stop waiting. Aint gonna happen.

It might have been about 4.30a.m when i headed to an after party at a friend's in ikoyi. I was promised Belvedere, breakfast and some more dancing. Still in part, i added cute, spoilt and drunk. Creating a whole different Quicksilver. She was beautiful and fun. bending over mid dance, pouting and pinching.

Steak, Scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast, washed down with some more vodka and it was 6am.

Drove home with the promise of a hangover and a smile on my face.


Rewind to Oriental. I met a guy who in due time, shall make really terrific music. For he already has. His rap is beautiful. Almost wistful, if you can ever call rap that. I heard one of his earlier songs called 'Ready for That' and all i can say is I'm ready for this. The song struck a chord in me. the chord that identifies with good music. It spoke to my soul and said words like "i'll heal you', 'I'll make it better'. And for everyday i have listened to this song, I have had one real smile on my face. I pray for more. His name is Loose Kaynon.

Sadly I cannot post a link to that particular song. I shall however gift you with another terrific song from Loose Kaynon. This time featuring Mr Incredible, M.I. ~ Must Be



neefemi said…
jeez i miss naija - sounds like u had a blast - i am jealous and i love Loose kanyon - heres to many more fab Friday nights
Boogie said…
wow, miz audeo, very well worded. iLike! i also like the fact i was a part of this beautiful friday night. my interest in Loose Kaynon's music just went up :)
Jayla. said…
That was a night & half..... gwan girl, you needed it.

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