Monday, July 7, 2008

3am continued

Virgo led me to the table he had so thoughtfully reserved in advance.P-square were vigorously doing their 'do me' dance close by.
2.45am saw me stmbling out of number 10. by then i had had 1screwdriver and 2mojitos, had also thrown down 2tequilas.
2.50am saw me shoving my head into someone's window at Caliente.till now i dont know who he was.all i remember was that he was cute,drove a 5series and that i asked him if he could see my tits.
2.59am saw me making a beeline for the poles at Caliente where i spied a georgeous guy who my gadar told me was gay grinding his juicy backside into the crotch of a man-like looking girl. What a waste ...
3am found me pole dancing at Caliente!!!

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Babs said...

All in one night? Wherever was I this nite? You're such a fun soul