Friday, July 4, 2008


hi.i am about to go off on a tangent so please forgive....
i am suddenly beset by a strange but volatile need to wonder....wonder what it would feel like to touch, to caress,.a hug, a kiss, two kisses..
i wonder what he would taste like, what we would taste like....
i wonder about making a move, i wonder about wastig him to come to me.
i know i sound like a sappy harlequin novell what!
he makes me tingle, he is infuriating. i like it when he smiles,
i need something from him.something like a really good shag.....

or maybe not.such things as i have discovered are better left to the imagination. like that one time when i psyched myself up for a particularly hot "date" and lets just say it wasnt as satisfying as i had envisaged it would be. the let-down was horrifying.
details?.....i think not.

okay i have just decided that he isnt at all worth it...i mean...why should i. wonder that is..if he isnt wondering the same things.then i shouldn't. dont get me wrong he is cute as hell, and i dont know but i've got it for particularly shorter men.makes me wonder how quick they can get down there.i mean they are down already.


okay you minx of a blogger...too much detail

still, i wonder..

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