Friday, June 20, 2008


i never knew how much i hated the words 'we'll see' or 'lets see how it goes' and the worst.'i'll call you later' until they were used far gtoo often for my mental comfort. i mean its bad enough that one hears those words when one requests for a pay rise or a promotion or a holiday...but its absolutely unbearable when one hears it from the one person they dont expect to get that from.
so now i'm lying on my hotel bed in a strange city, tired after a 14hour work day, itching to stuff my feet into those sinfully beautiful lemme not forget tight violet suede shoes and party and he tells me 'lets see how it goes'
now if i were back in lagos, i'll say 'up yours' sucker or something else so delightfully childish but guaranteeing the right amount of satisfaction.but i'm here, not in lagos, almost but not really at the mercy of an irritating if handsome,half arabian specimen of male beauty and all i can say is 'ok'.


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