Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Youth Must Be

"I'm thinking the deepest definition of youth must as yet untouched by tragedy...the loss of a great love" ...

Someone sent that to me yesterday and asked for my thoughts. I replied with "Eyes that have not seen pain and a heart that has not borne anguish. Lips that have yet to kiss a lover goodbye and arms that have yet to replace a loved one with a pillow. Mouth untouched by deep sighs of longing and a memory that does not hold dreams that were made to die."

I fear that my youth went away and left me behind... so here i stand, like Dorothy, clicking my heels for my return to a home that never was.
What are your thoughts on youth?

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Mo' said...

youth...the time to love without boundaries; the time to be without a care in the world....the time to live life on the edge.

R u still clicking your heels hun? lol

neefemi said...

Youth is a time i did not really enjoy. Trying to make the most of what i really have.

How r u love?