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This is where I am

Hey people,

I decided to write you a little letter, just in case you have missed me. Because I miss you too. I am buried in work. My superiors on the engagement I'm on (bank audit) resigned so I'm the new team lead. Now I have worked on a bank audit before but I've not led one. And I have two ways to look at this...1. As a set up (this is the one that comes to mind a lot) and 2. As an opportunity. (this is the one that I have chosen) understandably its either I sink or swim. Pls send some "floaters" my way (in form of prayers) cos sometimes I may need it.

I have bags under my eyes ehn! And I miss my mama (been living in a hotel) and I'm putting on weight (no time to go to the gym and 18hr work days).

How's everyone doing. T. Notes don't be upset with me please. Nife how far, Blessing, hope ure well.

And thanks for the comments on all my posts. A lot of them make me shy. *blush* and ill try to comment more. Although I'm not sure how long it will take me to get through the 1000plus new items in my google reader.

And how is everyone else? I promised to be better this year. Oh well, I'm trying.

P.s. I am thankful to God. There's so much peace in my heart you wouldn't believe it. And I'm happy too. Who woulda thought ? ;)


*back to work and tins. Totally disregard the fact that it is 9.12 on a sunday evening. I don't even know what todays date is*

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neefemi said…
Love and miss you sweety and i'm sure you will succeed at this new opportunity.... take care of yourself ok
doll said…
well go knock them dead babes
Shadelicious said…
awwww congrats and all the best... will remember u in my prayers. It is well xoxo
T.Notes said…
As doll said, 'Go knock em dead!'.I'm just around the corner when the load eases off. Take care babes.
Blessing said…
Missed u babes!
Congrats on the new position...I pray that God strengthens you and grants you the wisdom to do extremely well!

I'm good o...can't complain!

And I'm so glad that ur happy and at peace!!! yay!

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