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Dis-Virgining Me? & the idiot Nigerian mentality

It took me almost two days to get from London heathrow to Lagos MM. And no I wasnt jogging. It was all thanks to Virgin Atlantic airways and its recent romance with tardiness. That and the fact that the flight was riddled with several unfortunate events such as people with numerous pieces of overweight hand luggage even though the airline's allowance for each passenger is one piece weighing not more than 6kg!, people being escorted off the plane, old women with heart problems and sever allergic reactions e.t.c.Total on-board time? 12hours. While this should deter me from flying virgin atlantic ever again, it hasnt because inasmuch as it sucks ass, Virgin Atlantic flies directly to London and they are very apologetic and very rewarding. Free miles and such.

Now about this idiot Nigerian mentality. When it seemed like we would not be able to fly on the first night, this Nigerian man stood up and started yelling "Nigerian, lets talk to ourselves. our greed will not put us in trouble, yada yada yada." At this point i got pissed off. Like really, he forgot that the flight was delayed, forgot the issues that were no fault "the Nigerians" but went on to blame "the Nigerians". And i'm like, you retard! so quick to put the blame on yourself, so used to oppression and discrimination that you automatically assume that you are to blame. While the white man looks at you with pity and decides that "yes you are to blame. thank you for accepting the blame before i even try to cast it".

That incident made me think. And the product of that was the conclusion that as long as we continue to cast ourselves in the wrong light, we will always be ridiculed and mocked by onlookers. Lets air our dirty linen in public no longer but seek to sort out our problems internally.

I dont know, those are my thoughts on the matter sha.


blackgold said…
My sentiments exactly,i recently wrote on someones blog that it amazes me how we as Ngerians don't need anyone to pull us down,we are capable of doing that all on our own.A lot is wrong with Nigerian but doing what you just described will not get the job done,we bring ourselves down,we say negative things about ourselves,i mean take the case of the chilean miners and what someone circulated,if that had been the case in Nigeria what would have happened to the miners,and there were all types of comments,you needed to have read the comment,even some fellow african commented and of course what could he do but to tag along and help finish us off,there is power in what we say,how we view our self and most importantly how we project ourself to the outside world
Blessing said…
Wow, what a trip!!!
Smh at the Nigerian mentality, it's a shame!
neefemi said…
Glad you are home safe and agreed...
Young Grumbler said…
Wow, that was some flight - 12 boarding time?! And Nigerians are so used to people bringing them down, that they do it now first before someone gets a chance to - some kind of defence mechanism. Really sad. Glad you got in okay.
Myne Whitman said…
People with that mentality get on my last nerves! Oh well, you guys travelled safely.
Lara said…
until we cure ourselves of the Pull our Nation Down syndrome, Nigeria will never move forward.
... a teen. said…
You know it.
It's some sort of law of attraction thing as well.
Everyone points out the negative or like you said blames themselves before the blame is even cast.
It's like channeling your thoughts. if your thoughts are never positive (as hard as it may be sometimes) NOTHING ever will be positive.


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