Sunday, May 29, 2011


What is your colour? I was thinking to myself this morning about how I
didn't give a thought to the colour purple until Boluwatife Jacobs
entered my life. And how her love for purple rubbed off on me,
erstwhile pure lover of grey. You can say she coloured my world. Not
so much with the colour itself but with her happy "I don't have a care
in the world" attitude. And this made me wonder if perhaps I have
added such colour to your life. If I have, what colour have I been?

Have I been the colour black? Filled with nothingness, the greatest
paradox if there ever was one? Or mayhaps I have been yellow. Always a
laugh and a half. Have I been the colour blue? Solid dependable blue.
Calm and self assured. Never wavering. An ever-fixed mark?

Surely, I have been the colour violet? Deep and vibrant. A living,
breathing embodiment of electricity. Sometimes touch and go but still
self-replenishing. Drawing energy from all around me and making my
own, expressing it all in my own way.

I met someone who makes me see nothing but pale rose. The sunglasses
with which my pilgrim soul sees the world are once again tainted with
colour. This person has seen me, known me and called me for what I am.
A dreamer.

Tell me baby, what is your colour?

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seye said...

It was really scary when I checked my Google Reader and saw your post 'Colours' because I was just leaving

I am a blue. That's why I chose that for my personal website on and for my logo :p

Licious said...

Mine is purple too.... never liked it till a few years ago and used the theme on my website and logo. but my all time favourite is RED!! :)