Saturday, May 14, 2011

The day the Lord has made

Its 5.58am and i am the first of the bridesmaids to wake up. Although
i am not the maid of honour, i am the one in charge. Its Saturday 14th
and one of my best friends is getting married today. Do you remember
my cousin who was supposed to get married last year then her dad uncle
Frank died? Well its the same one. Yup!, she's finally here. And as
the sounds of rainfall filter into my bedroom, where incidentally we
are all piled up in, I smile to myself as I know without a doubt in my
heart that this is the day the Lord has made. Not the date from last
year, no. This one, 14 May 2011

As head of the bridesmaids (not the chief), she is my main
responsibility for the day. Last night I moisturized my special caviar
into her skin and sprayed peppermint essence on her feet while
together with the 6 or so other girls here we recalled tales from our
childhood. My mother comes into the room at about 12:30am and orders
us all to bed. We all burst into laughter and as I see her watching
me, I know what she's thinking. My answer last night would have been
"yeah yeah whatever". But this morning, my answer is "I will get
married on the day the Lord has made".

Sometimes, certain things happen in our lives that attempt to cancel
or delay plans already made. Do not worry, do not fret, because it
only means that the day the Lord has made is on its way.

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