Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking for my daddy

Today two of my siblings went back to uni and i miss them horribly. But that's not the point of this post. My dad woke up quite early and went to the market to buy fixings or fried rice. He came back home, cooked and packed the food into coolers for both of them and took them to school.

While he was cooking, i looked into the kitchen from where I was sitting at the dining table having breakfast and my eyes watered a bit. Because wielding a spatula in one hand and a knife in the other was my 57 year old dad, my first love and the man Ive come to realize that I've fashioned my dream man after.

Recently I had to tell someone what I was looking for in a man. Halfway through I paused cos I realized that I was describing my father. I cannot begin to describe the man I call daddy. Or why I call him daddy. Not dad. Daddy.

So I guess what I'm wondering is do they still make men like him? Because to be honest, that's what I want. My father isn't a perfect man. Don't get me wrong. My daddy is the perfect father for me.

I'm not looking for him for just me. I'm also looking for him on behLf of the daughter I'll one day have. So that she can look into the kitchen and think these same thoughts.

P.s. My last entry posted in error. It's unfinished.


Ms Dang said...

:-) you're not alone looking for Daddy.

Kitten said...

I have a GREAT dad too. Very few can measure up. Beautiful post.

doll said...

aint we all looking for daddy