Thursday, February 4, 2010

Die Young or Live Forever

~do you really want to live forever~ The last line of that amazing song by Jay- Z and Mr Hudson.

Lately I havent been myself. Depression? maybe, maybe not. But i have been thinking about the futility of it all. Of loving and living. We are all gonna die someday right? Either by being hit by a bus, by being shot, by eating poison, being sick, or dying of old age. Everything we strive for, ending at death. Man must eat, man must die. But even if I had the choice between dying young or living forever, what would I choose?

When I thought about writing this post, I didnt know what to write, or how I was going to write it, perhaps as with most of my posts. Anyways i took a poll on twitter. Thanks twit fam. And perhaps 90% of the people that responded wanted to live forever. And my question is why? Although I cannot answer for them, i can say that I dont wanna live forever. I'd rather die young thank you.(if those two are my only options).

I'd rather die young because I'd always be remembered the waay i was when i was young, carefree, thinking of nothing but the next party, the next bottle of champagne, the next hot man i'd shag, the next proper meal i'd eat, and the next falling in love i'd fall. I'd only care about hanging with my friends, sharing, caring. Loving hard and fast. yes loving. i'd rule my own world. And when i die, i'd be remembered just so. With light in my hair, sun on my face, and laughter in my eyes.

In my own opinion, as humans, even the most responsible of us dont like to be burdened with responsibility. We like the idea of it but not the burden it represents. Wtf do I wanna be tied down with a husband, three kids and four homes? Wtf do I need to be head of  corporation for? wouldnt it get old? living perpetually and doing all these things, and with everything going on in the world right now? nah love. how about we on to the next.

Remember me as I was, when I was me, and you were you. When I wasnt hurting so bad. When my eyes were brighter, my steps surer. Remember me when my laughter started from my tummy and not now when i'm actually tempted to say "LOL" in place of actually laughing out loud.

Remember me forever, young.

#np: Young Forever ~  Jay- Z ft Mr Hudson


p.s. i know all the words in this song :D


neefemi said...

i totally agree with you....

Anonymous said...

Forever young....Yes we are

However as we grow in age, let it be with grace and a smile in our faces knowing that hard core will never die, glory days are with us and ahead of us..PI