Thursday, February 4, 2010


i love it when people love what i write. I love it more when they can identify with the stories i tell. the little things that make us human.

i may not always put together a coherent sentence,nor always have d right words. but from d pen that writes those words flows blood from my heart.

I write what my heart asks me to write. words that rile and rape, savor and soothe, a melody if u can hear it. i write words that plunder and caress, sometimes lacking in form but never in fit. Always telling, and showing, never confusing nor misleading.

Let me write words to frame your soul. Let me write words to sift through your pain. Let me write the things you cannot say. i'll take your hurt and make it mine, for in that way they'll flow through this heart of mine and out through my words.
For in that moment, when i write, you'll heal.

Thank you


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Anonymous said...

Write on girl ! sing to my soul, heal my soul, a little laughter, but never go pedestrian...PI