Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yes....old things have passed away.

I came to London looking for answers. Answers to still the turbulence in my mind and to be a balm for y aching heart. I came, searching for meaning, for purpose. I came for the hopes that the frigid winter air may drive the cobwebs away. Did I come looking for love? Definitely. I came hoping to fall in love with life and nature and beauty. That was the pot I wanted at the end of my rainbow. So I emptied my bank account, paid a ridiculous amount of money for a winter ticket and got on a plane to London.

If you've been following this blog then you must know that I was in a really bad place during the last quarter of 2010. And in the midst of all that, i lost hope and my faith in love. I lost my way.

But tonight I found it. That which I travelled so far for. Clarity. It was right there in the arms of the Father who never once let go. The healing I craved. And as tears fell from my eyes, I felt my heart fall into place. Not the old tattered and torn one, a new one. And with it came something else. The hope I thought I needed a reminder tattooed on me for. The hope I'd lost.

And I know now, that love will find me, and love will stay with me.

Happy new year


Omotayo said...


MsBollz said...

U're my girl forever and I know you'll find what it is that u seek.You deserve it.we all do. With life,there's

Abyurla said...

i could connect with you....nothing's ever gon take us away from His love. tis the anchor for our soul that keeps us from drifting away and losing it totally

Temite said...

and I am so glad!

doll said...


Happy new year..may it be great for you

Blessing said...

aww...I'm so happy for you!