Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of Kismet, Of Dejavu,of randomness,of order and all things inbetween

Long header right? I know.Started writing this post two weeks ago when the header formed itself in my mind. But I didn't havr a body.Now I do.
Life as I've learnt,happens. The only way to stop it frim happening is to die.drastic right? So I decided to always flow with it, seeing as I'm not in the mood to kill myself. Life comes with good and bad,fortune, fame, and misfortune. How you deal with it is entirely up to you. I have learnt that life doesn't owe you any apologies. It was here first and can do what it likes.

I have also learnt that some things are unexplainable. No matter how hard science tries. Like meeting someone you've never seen before but u can swear that you have seen the person before. Or something happens and u can swear that the same thing has happened before. Or meeting someone and feeling that that is why u were created. Your purpose is to love that person completely and without holding anything back. That I believe is unexplainable.
I didn't plan this,didn't plan to be in love,didn't even want it. Now I know that I cannot be me without this love. I have seized to find order in life. To go with it,because it brought me you. And you brought me love.

I have also learnt that although life throws you curveballs,digs trenches infront of you and erects mountains infront you, YOU are the author of your destiny. And you write your destiny the split second in which you decide how to react to a situation.Do you run and hide?, do you cower in fear with ur arms over ur head? Or do u jump on a surfboard,shake ur head in laughter and glide through or over it. Whatever you choose, know that you are changing you fate, in a split second.

What do you choose? I chose to surf.


Miss Jayla said...

I surf alot.... Sometimes i crash against d wave, other time i ride it out.

I have learnt to let most things be, and not question every damn thing.

allmyunspoken said...

true words. sometimes things just happen -- most times though, we make them happen I think..

neefemi said...

i wish most people would adhere to the messages on here