Monday, September 14, 2009

Things are Different now. For now.

You know how it is when you just get into a relationship. Everything is different. Brighter, more colourful, seems like everyone is happier. You feel almost...invincible. Yes you know what i mean. Now i'm not referring to a shag and drop, but a real relationship. the type that involves two people that care for and about each other and are excited about each other. Yes, that type. The type that realises that game has met game, but identifies it, and drops it. The type that involves telling each other the truth. Yes, that type. So do you remember? aaaahh. I can see that you do.

I'm sure that by now you'd have guessed that I am the recepient of such a fate. Yes...I am. I am in such a relationship. I find that my steps are lighter, music sounds better, the clouds are bluer, the sun is brighter and my smile is wider. The 'ping' of my blackberry messenger never sounded sweeter. Kissing has never been this fun. The world is a better place.

Should i talk about him? I fear that I should not else I jinx it. But i shall say this, I thank God for him. For the happiness in my heart, for the poetry he sends to me, for everytime he opens the door for me to walk through, for everytime he pulls out the chair for me to sit. For everytime he says "my girlfriend"and for every sacrifice he makes, for I know he makes them and for the music he has sent my way. I am learning him and he is learning me.

I know its new and this might pass. But i wont forget the happiness I feel right now. At this moment, sitting at my desk, the smile on face, my earphones in my ear, writing this post.

#nowplaying "Heartbeats" - Jose Gonzales


Jayla. said...

I know that feeling....... enjoy d hell out of it

neefemi said...

best feeling in the world - enjoy :)