Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relics of a Friday Night. Last night and once upon a time

I love friday nights,or rather I used to. I love dressing up to go out. I love planning every detail.The hair,the underwear,the accessories,the perfume,the shoes, and finally the outfit. However,my dear friend,those are the only things I plan for. I don't plan for the madness, or the excitement. I don't plan to stumble out of the club grinning like a buffoon at 4am and hurrying to grab some chinese to soak up the alcohol. No I don't plan for it. But I relish it. Took a trip down memory lane recently and these are the things I dug up;

June 2006: At Churrasco with Karima,Lateefah and Abby. Doing BOGOF on cocktails.of course the bartenders didn't know about that.but there were lotsa people and surely they didn't mind. Especially when I was leaninig over the bar in that slinky halter and ordering the "free" drinks. Met my ex,ex,ex that I know what mother meant when she said don't meet a guy in the club

Sept 2007: At the 21st bday bash.Ex,Ex Ex bf gave me E pills and a crate of champagne as bday presents.(See what I meant abt meeting guys at the club). I was higher than high and remember two things from that night;kissing a random chic and rubbing vigorously against a pole at The Vault.was wearing a dress.

July 2008: In Abuja on a job. Met the hunky half brazilian boy unpredictably called Luis. Went out together and then went back to his. Was seeing "boyfriend" signs until I went into his all black marble bathroom to freshen up and I saw a tray with six lines of cocaine on the bathroom table. He even offered to lick it off my stomach.I muttered something abt it being the wrong time of the month and running out. For once I wasn't drnk. Thank God.

Decemeber 2008: Finally realised that was not my friend after a two-day old hangover.

September 2009: Drinks with friends turn out to be a fab night.woke up at 2pm the next day missing a fingernail(artificial) , with a huge bump on my forehead.

See why I love fridays?


Naughty Eyes said...

Rather scary love of Fridays, if you ask me... But you didn't... Here's hoping your Fridays keep giving you more of the thrills and less of the risks...

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

I love Fridays,not because I get the chance to get really wanton and not worry about sleep deficiency, but because I do not have to go to work...not like I hate work, but I like my bed better....gbam! Happy birthday Miss(made this comment on ur birthday)

Mola said...

lol, fridays r def ur gogo days! Nice blog

neefemi said...

lmfao - wat?????- never been drunk, but now i feel inclined to