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~~Tuesdays' Thoughts: Ma wo oju Uche~~

~~Ever heard the phrase Ma wo oju Uche (no look Uche face/ dont look at Uche's face)? I heard it two or so years ago and for the life of me I couldnt fathom what it was supposed to me. Ladies and gentlemen, I have come to the end of my pondering. At 7am this morning, it hit me. i was in the shower when it did. And my verdict? Yoruba people are wicked. why? Uche is a unisex name right? Medusa was a woman right? (not sure about that thoe...the people in that period dint, woman, goat..etc) And you couldnt look in medusa's face too.  See.....(u dont see? :'( it made sense at 7am). But why use Uche makes sense jor. Dont look at Uche = Dont look at Medusa = Mind where you put your eye = Dont be convetious...see...are you proud of me yet? ~~

~~Yoruba movies are hilarious. I stayed up last night watching one called Ipese on African Magic yoruba (dont ask me how. It had subtitles). It left me in stitches. Everything was a comic freakshow. If you are ever in really bad mood, just tune in.~~

~~I'm getting my groove back. I've got my favourite dance step in my shoulder, favourite shoes on my feet, favourite nail polish, favourite hair style...etc. everything feels like my favourite. Because i am happy. truly so. Not the type that comes from man. if it was left to man I'd be wailing on the floor and rubbing ashes on my face. But u see...God has made appreciative of all that I have. Starting with me. myself. Do you that he made only one of you? And Him knowing that He made just one, dyou think He'll let anything that was not according to His plan happen to you? Doesnt that make you happy?~~

~~I love "Love the way you lie"  by Eminem ft Rihanna. my best parts? ~Next time? There will be no next time!!!....../ if she tries to fucking leave again i'ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire~~~ There is so much passion and so much chemistry in this song. You can feel his anger. You can feel his pain. You can understand her adiction, his obsession.... I.M.O., thats probably what is wrong in most of Naija music today. Its like the artistes dont believe the lyrics. And the collabos(male and female)? There's no symmetry. No chemistry. The best Naija male/female collabo i've ever heard was/is Kel and M.I. That song was a tune. You could hold the chemistry. ~~

~~ I talk about music too much I think. But If I was an artist manager, i'll lock you in the studio, give you all the equipment you need, and take away ur food, and you booze and your drugs....when desperation puts you in the zone, you'll make nothing but music. And you wont get out until I know it is music. Not a hit, min you. But that it is music. Whether or not it will blow depends on me your manager. Your duty as an artist is to make music.~~

~~Ever listened to the rap on B.O.B's "Airplanes? supports my point~~

~~Some twitter #ashtags are filarious. yesterday's #wordsnottosayonaplane (i'm wrong abi?) was on point.~~

~~I was trying to describe my colleague's face to my baby sis yesterday and she couldnt stop laughing. Apparently i'm really mean when i'm ill. I refuse to agree with that. I'm a really nice person when i'm ill. Its when i'm alright that you should be worried~~

~~I'm even nicer then :D~~

~~But Rita Dominic looks a weee bit funnay...thats not mean right? what would be mean was if I said what i really mean. which would be that she looks like a ....(ok..incredibly mean thought) ...wont say it cos its really bad..~~

~~See i'm nice~~

~~I havent been to the gym in what feels like forever. My DD cowgirls have come back home to graze. But apart from that, everything is pretty much the same. Gladness there~~

~~Guys are so funny. So the same. Doesnt matter how old at each point. Major lol-ing here~~

~~America's Got Talent. No more words needed. But seriously. Seriously! SERIOUSLY!!! GRANDMA LEE???!!! my mum went...."abeg grandmama go siddon for retirement home abi wetin you wan use money do." i could not stop laughing. Thing is I thought she was asleep and I had my head on her lap so I couldnt really tell when she woke up. ~~

~~Its my birthday soon. I'm getting older. who'da thought? heck I thought i'd be 19 forever~~

~~No matter how you dress it up, I think brown is a really ugly colour. eeew. Try grey instead. Its so everything good~~

~~See how I have refrained from talking about Wande Coal? Its only cause he was sleeping. I will also not say anything about twitter people. But ermmm...cough cough cough~~

~~I am going to eat ice cream today. Nuff said~~

~~Little sisters are precious arent they? Once they're old enough, they're never too young. Today i'm rocking my baby's earring. And they are on point!!!~~

~~I am a loyalist I think. I'd bend over backwards for the people I love. I may forget to speak to you. Forget your birthday (Eloho you need to tell me when your birthday is), But trust me, I will always be here for you. Always. Sure  sometimes I work 20hours a day and then i'm crabby and impatient and short tempered. But i am still me. Still here. ~~

That said, enjoy the rest of your week people.

#np: Find your Love ~ KidKonnect's remix.


T.Notes said…
In plain english: Laughing my brown ass off!!!This has gotta be the bst random i've read in a while!!!

N do i feel u on Eminem ft Rihanna or what?!!!N Kel n M.I.Right on point!!!

Medusa n Uche: How you come up with that one,only God can tell!!!

Yoruba movies, true to heritage,but i think i'll pass. Tho admittedly,they do better than the regular nollywood crap.

N reallllly,grandma lee...i dnt even know what to say about her crudeness!

Oh n 1st!!!Good Year!
neefemi said…
So T.Notes just stole everything i was going to say, mschewww lol

i also haven't been to the gym in forever, but i'm losing weight tho, been majorly stressing

i dont like brown too, was just saying that the other day, try black tho better than grey :)

i so agree with you on the music men, some artists are just straight trifling lately

Can't wait to see my sis in a few :)

Have a great week, o u have a sexy voice, heheheh
Jazmyn said…
check out my first blog post, its for you.

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