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Tuesdays' thoughts for a very random Friday

~Have u ever tried to do an upward facing waka? That shit is hard I tell u. Plain impossible. I tried to waka a trailer driver today. The guy thought I was begging. No greater injustice has ever been delivered to a waka~

~Something abt keke marwas that make me go arrrrrrrrghhhh....inside my head I'm wondering if I look like the bbm angry smiley when I do that. maybe a little less red~

~So that contraption at adeniji is a billboard type thing. If I tell u what I thought it was you'd shake ur head~

~I said lol...well I went l-o-l. Frankly ive been spending too much time trying to put an end to boring bbm convos~

~Being pursued(I mean this literarily) by a hunk In traffic does wonders. for ones ego. That is of course until follows u into 45mins worth of traffic and when ure about to kill urself with anticipation he comes down from his car and u find that he's. At least 3inches shorter. In Flats!!! #truestory

~Almost-disgusting thought next~

~If someone shoved cocaine up their asshole would it make anal sex any less...well for lack of a better word, anal~

~And talking about shoving things up assholes. Tones of people are secretly asshole fetish..."Oh whatever, up urs" or "shove this where the sun don't shine" and blah blah blah...u get~

~Have u seen the new Kia Jeep? I'd like to do 'it' inside that car. Well there's no such thing as a kia jeep seeing as jeep is a brand name and unless they tried to make a car together...smartass. Doesn't sit well on me~

~U know that thing they do in movies where the bad guy is on a power bike and someone opens a car door and the guy hits it and flies ...(Read powerbikes as bicycle), I had a maddening urge to do that this morning~

~Been reading a lot lately. I feel like I'm getting my life back. The thing about books is that they the set me off in all sorts of directions. Sorta like a continuum(I really don't know what this word means). Anyways, A Part of the Whole has sent me to Plato and his other cronies, This charming man has sent me to the map of ireland and has gifted me with a new vocab. Well just a few words when u hear me say "rozzers" , I mean police..u feel me yah?~

~Glo billboard on falomo bridge with that nollywood chic. Tsk tsk. They should have at least tried to remove the zits on her forehead~

~I love champagne. I really do. Especially when random man at club says "what are u drinking pretty girl? Pretty girls should drink Dom P." And when random man orders Dom P~

~there's just something wrong with that coca cola ad on akin adesola. Wtf is the guy smelling his armpits!!!~

~have u been to capetown? You should go. 4days eez enuff lest u become alcoholic and refuse to come back home. Is beyootiful beyootiful drinking paradise. And all that seafood...err...did I mention the drinkies (another irish book something)~

~if u could spend a day as the opposite sex, what would u wanna do? Please don't say "pee standing up" or "fix a weave" or any other brain damaging boring activity~

Oh and its friday. Here's to the weekend!*clinks bb against airwick bottle*

Much Love,
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