Monday, June 13, 2011

Believing the promise

Here I stand, before God, Expectant. I chose to believe his promises made to me instead of the performance of those promises. Because. Afterall, he is not man that He should lie.

Here I stand, before God, flawed in so many ways. Sinner, sometimes unrepentant. But I choose to humble myself before Him and admit that I have no power of my own.

Here I stand, before God, in worship. My eyes have seen the King, the Lamb upon the throne. He reigns forever.

Here I stand, before God, in silence. How can I hear what he has to say if I can't keep the turmoil in my heart and in my mind out of the way?

Here I am, before God, believing that my sins are forgiven, that I have help, that my worship is acceptable and that I can hear what He's saying to me.

"Come child, let us walk on water."

Have a blessed week.

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neefemi said...


Blessing said...

AMEN! And there will be a performance of ALL that he has promised you!

I stand along with ya! It is well

doll said...


Fabulo-la said...

I want to walk on water too. :(

Fabulo-la said...

Hey, need to send you sth but cant find your email. Can you email me at

Jaycee said...

I like this. New here & loving your musings