Friday, June 24, 2011

Boom boom boom boom #Superbass

Something about good music that lifts you and lets you fly. I've been listening to Nicki Minaj's Superbass for a few days now and its totally put a smile on my face. Not just a smile. In the words of KidKonnect, a "huge ass grin". I was in the shower this morning when I realised that I was grinning and there was no particular reason for the huge smile that was stretched across my face. I am happy I guess content too. Not complacent though. Never that. Just in a really good place. And that's a really good thing, considering.

I was having Biodun cravings the other day. So I went to the gym instead of phoning him. Let just say it was a very effective solution. Three days later my body hurts too much to sit properly, not to mention trying to cry.

I read ThirdWorldProfashional and there was a thingy bob about taking a photo of all the contents of your bag. I was gonna do that today. But way too many "weird" stuff in my handbag.

I hate the fact that my feet are size 42. I think that's the only part of my body I don't dig. Amazing shoes in the Gucci sale. But they are all around size 39. But then again, thinking off all the people without feet...I love mine just as is.

Read something about Illegal Immigrants on Myne's blog and it reminded me about being bounced at the American Embassy. I won't lie, that "ela" was painful. I was gonna scream at the dude through the glass and go "wtf! Do I look like I'd like to inconvenience myself one bit by running away to ur fucking country? I just wanna go on holiday you freaking mutant" But then I's not your fault. It's Nigerian's I blame. It's even so bad that they now bounce people at the South African embassy. The American dream? I've never had it. I've had the English one though. More fun if you ask me.

It feels like I'm in love. Which is weird because I'm not exactly seeing anyone at the moment. And when I say "exactly" I mean I'm going on dates with a bunch of people but not exactly.

My staff (read as junior at work) paid me a really lovely compliment today. Apparently I'm fantastic to work with. Unless of course I show you my red eye. Then I can be a total winch. Vraiment.

About commenting on blogs, I'm really terrible at it. I read o! But sometimes it feels like any comment I make would be like stating the obvious. Do you get? And responding to comments on my people really go back to read comments? It's not exactly bitchfighting on Bella Naija.

Did I ever mention that I met T-Notes in December? I was the girl in leggings? Cream coat? Kiss kiss T.

I'm going out with my girls tonight. Cheap booze and good food is the theme. Good clean fun. So if you're out tonight (not clubbing), holla at this girl.

Np: Superbass – Nicki Minaj

Have a Superbass weekend.


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seye said...

Well, I usually subscribe to comments. So when you reply I get it.

Myne Whitman said...

Ahhh...Superbass, after wrinkling my nose for Nicki Minaj, I loved the song, :)

Wish I could channel some craving into the gym, smh...

I was rejected once for the British and had to reapply to get my student visa. It is indeed Naija's problem.

Keep smiling, and enjoying your dates. And I hope you did have a great time with your girls.