Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've never believed in fairies. Or by extension, fairytales. Hogwash. Never yearned for pink ballgowns or a dream prince either. My childhood fantasies were made of swatches of color and yarn and cashmere. Of pelt and plume. And music. And revolving doors and responsibility. Of books, ooh. Nothing beats the smell of a new book. But things change.

Black and white often replaces color and gray becomes chic. We exchange fur for something less gratifying to accord to political correctness and social acceptabilty. And the music suffers. We forget the heart and soul and create popularity. True art, forgotten for the mundane. The less conspicuous. As children, we are led to believing that an outcast although no less unique than the pureblood is shall I say, unacceptable. Forgetting that therein lies the problem. Believing that because something is not like the other, does not automatically imply or establish for that matter, that it is less.

I am an accountant. With a fantastic mind and a grasp for numbers and what they imply. But on any given day, ill tell u I'd rather be shut in a cottage somewhere, snow outside my doors, with a wine celler and the makings of a book in my hands. I like the tortured, less acceptable genius. The forgotten. A social commentary of sorts. But I amble along. Doing that which I can and not that which I want.

I can paint pictures with my mind. Vivid and vibrant. Pulsating and pulsing with life. I can tell u a million words and a million different ways. Alas, I do not. I see only the black and white. And sometimes blue , of a million excel spreadsheets. Neither giving time to wonder nor to appreciate. Where do the words go. Neither stopping to marvel , always a formula, a hyperlink and something called vlookup that I have never learned to use.

You may wonder what I am infact writing about. If you do, then you have learnt nothing at all.

Make music if you will. Tell stories if u will. Make true art if you will. But stop and think. Are you doing the acceptable?

Have a lovely weekend.

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..Moyo said...

Aww this was well kinda cute and really genuine.
So much clarity in your feelings.
Loves it!

neefemi said...

Well i'm doing whats acceptable for me, which may not be what is acceptable for the world and at the end of the day thats all that counts no?...have a great weekend as well