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~~Tuesday's Thoughts~~

Its tuesday again and seeing as Ive decided to make this a tradition, here I am, falling asleep at my desk, giving you a free pass into my mind. For all of the duration of this post, of course.

~~Firstly, if my tweets for the last few days have been anything to go by, i'm slightly obsessesed with sex at the moment. Its not my fault. I listened to Sex Therapy rmx and Reverse Cowgirl on the same day. its left an indelible mark~~

~not too certain indelible was the appropriate word. or that my spelling of appropriate is correct~~

~i'm really craving a mojito. like this very moment. Same way i'm craving the oppurtunity to "put my arms in the air, wave 'em round and go aaaahhh, eeeh, aaah uuu"

~i should stop listening to this song. its been on repeat since yesterday. I've been like "giddy up, giddy up" to PSB. who btw has declared his intention to inspect my body parts~

~actually that may have been my fault *insert cheeky grin here* afterall, i did forward that 10 sex facts/tips article to him. Next thing he wants to test the 3 inch thingamajig with me. Kai......~

~i'm bursting out of my jacket. and it was baggy when i bought it. idton tdire. even climbing the bleudeh stairs to the 12th floor every other day hasnt helped my expanding arse. #deepsigh~

~it's very hard to find an apartment in this nonsense lagos. plus all the prices in castle should be inclusive of agent fees and rubbish. ahan! at this rate i'll have to move my mattress out of my father's house when i eventually find that apartment~

~Chikodi is a goat. still laughing from our convo yesterday~

~i know i decided to be nicer this year, and i've tried my best. But this girl's mouth odor is pushing it. even at 10am this morning. and i'm tired of buying tom tom every morning~

~i can't wait to be in abj this weekend...giddy up, giddy up...aaaahh eeeehhh aaaa~


~i am really not alright.~

~i'll miss this client. one of my favorites. and they always take care of me :'(  ~ (plus i kinda started scoping on of the client's staff today. why do i have to leave tomorrow) ~

~Unit evaluations are next week. and i havent done my dialogue for any. sheeeeeet. whose  belly do i have to rub~

~speaking of clients, i totally wanna kill one. wonder what the going rate for hired assassins is but seeing as i'm skint, i'll shag for an assassin.(doesnt sound as good as "will fuck for food: but u get sha). i promise it'll be worth your prison sentence. wonder what the going punishment is for murder. 20 to life?~

~iAdore the body pens @miss_jayla got me. tastes mighty good i hear~

~#imfromteam Arse-shaving...rotflmao~

~I'm really happy. really really happy. and i am not tolerant of people with spelling deficiencies. and i am not sorry about it.~

~yay! new(recycled ministers) bleurgh~

~i wanna work for Lagos State Government. giddy up giddy up~

~checkout Up yours Billi. u cant say anything after this u know~

~Tweetforcharity on my mind. can someone please tell me how to save it as my twitter avatar. i've been trying since. ~

~i wonder where my nude photos cd went to. imagine if daddy found it. the only moving out i'll be doing is room to dining~

~anyways, i'm thinking i should get back to work. i have enjoyed this post.~

p.s....put it in reverse cowgirl ladies


Myne Whitman said…
This post sure cracked me up. Giddy up, giddy up!
Ms.O said…
loved it! random tuesdays rock!

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