Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mothers: Angels and Warlords

Its Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to my mother and yours.

I didnt need to look for inspiration to write this one.Afterall she's been there for all my entire two decades plus. I love my mama. For everytime she threw a broom at me and for everytime she hugged me. I love her for every time she kissed my father and for every time she frowned at him. I love her for the invaluable lessons she taught me. Some made me fat (waste not, want not) and others made strive (the only person who can make you is you).

Growing up, mama didnt spare the rod (hated her for it then, evil witch) even for her golden child (me, of course). I remember one day when I was about 11 when I skivved off after school lesson to go hang out at a friend's house. Actually i'd asked for her permission but she said no. I went anyways. Then she sent the driver to pick me up after school and take me there. The driver got to my school and I wasnt there. Feeling like a smart child, I went back before lesson ended and said I'd been there all along. When the driver took me home, she flogged me with an old washing machine cord. (Lesson learnt: If you're gonna do something bad, be smart about it). Then she came to my room later with a bowl of warm water and salve to take care of my bruises and said 'I love you ,you silly child' when she was done.

Mother was quick to embrace and she was quick to support. If there was a major decision to be made, she'd ask me what I wanted to do, and made me think about the pros and cons and let me make the decision myself. Then she'd say "remember that you are the one making the decisions and its your life. So do what is best." She instilled in me a sense of responsibility for my future and I can only thank her and God for that.

Mother. My protector. She'd take the heat for me anytime. Everytime. And of course reprimand me in private. She'd believe my story first. Always. The battles she's fought on my behalf. On her knees and on her feet. I love her dearly.

Mama taught me to wear makeup. She taught me to take care of my skin. She taught me to walk with my shoulders facing up (erect). She didnt teach me to cook however. Just said, well if you dont cook, you'll starve. And she ate my first offering of egusi soup with relish, albeit lumpy and overly maggied up. She taught me that it is good to love a man and that there is no shame in it. She taught me to acknowledge my faults andd say sorry, even though I am more stubborn than a mountain goat.

My mummy, my angel and my number 1 fan. As I watch her growing older, laugh lines appearing and staying put, grey hair at her temples, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be blessed with her. Thank you God for i couldnt have asked for better.

I love you mummy, for everytime you say God bless you my dear daughter. For indeed he has. From the lips of an angel, to His ears.

Happy Mother's Day


Temite said...

u are simply brilliant...
hope you are doing better now...

Temite said...

oh forgot to raise a glass to your Mom.

Myne Whitman said...

Mothers are really the best.