Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~~~Tuesday's Thoughts~~

I feel particularly silly doing this. Actually its not Tuesday thinking, duh! its just lil' (well not so little me) thinking. My thoughts are sometimes kinda random. But I've seen something like this on Londondiva's blog and i enjoyed it immensely. So here we go.

~i'm thinking now that i've forgotten all the things i wanted to write in this post~

~mtn should rallly stop sending me text messages in the middle of the night. i acknowledge that I used up one free day of BIS (i'm thinking this sentence structure is wrong) but does that mean they have to start hounding me?~

~i'm not all that interested in politics. i dont read the paper, ok, hardly. so why do these hotel people keep shoving them beneath my door at 7am, managing to wake me up when i never plan to be up until 7.05~

~lagos is incredibly dusty. I heard the acid rain gist and i'm wondering what the appropriate covering for my car would be...hmm..what is acid resistant? perhaps I should have listened to the gist better. barely got past the title~

~i really enjoy talking to my ex. kinda reminds me of why I loved him in the first place~

~Now I remember~

~i realise that i have become an unforgiving person. not in a bad way. if thats possible. ok, not unforgiving. I just adjust my expectations of people.~

~i'm back on my die-t.  my arse is exploding, which is not such a bad thing as my best mate Nnamdi says. but I really dont want to buy new clothes just yet. salads and protein are my friend~

~About Nnamdi, i struggle (well not really) to understand the fascination with him. Half the time I want to beat him with a stick. But he's so incredibly sweet. And has always been there. bleh~

~i miss Eloho. Horribly. I know you'll read this so just so you know. and i spelt ur name correctly~

~Why is my colleague always trying to stare into my eyes. DUDE!!!. last time i took a file to hs room, he opened the door wearing the tiniest boxers, offered me a seat on the bed and almost shoved his balls in my face(insert sick emoticon from bbm here).lest I forget he's fat and always sweaty. so they'd probably have been sweaty. insert another sick emoticon~

~I'm gonna see my bestmate from childhood soon. will she have changed? probably~

~I still cant decide on where to go on my vacation. I definitely want to do two places, but cant be arsed to go through the visa-ing  process.~

~I'm thinking Monaco and New York. Or London and New York. Or Spain and New York. Thing is i'm confused. Plus staring at Saks through google maps has made it worse. I practically walked in~

~I should start buttering daddy up~

~I should put like pictures and pretty stuff on my blog. atink.?~

~I really wish my friend and his girlfriend would get back together. It breaks my mind. yes, mind. i dont think there's a heart there anymore.~

~at some point i'm gonna have to be with someone, i think. emotions scare me right now~

~I need to start applying for schools. I cant decide about that either. Wharton or MIT ? :s~

~Should I answer comments on my blog :s~

~I really will delete anyone who sends me forwarded messages on bbm. well useless forwarded messages~

~When I check out of the hotel this weekend, I will have lived in hotels for 3 straight months. very good for late night booty calls~

~I cant wait to get my place. :D~

~I still cant remember what I planned to write about. #deepsigh~

#lastthot - That photo might look out of place on the blog. #kanyeshrug


Ms.O said...

hehe I was gonna do a random thoughts blog post too! I see you really want to go to NYC.. you should so go! Loved reading this!

Jayla. said...

very random thoughts.

U can get a schengen visa & tour Europe. U can do d sleep-ova train trail. I've always wanted to do that.

When do u want to start school? I'm thinking its getting too late to apply to those schools for the autumn/fall semester, especially their business schools.

I enjoyed this post