Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking stock

Hey people, its exactly 39days to my birthday and as I have done every year since i turned 14, I am taking stock. This is the time when I evaluate myself with regards to the goals I set at the beginning of every new year/ birth anniversary. It is also at this time, that I evaluate the worth of the people around me. I make decisions concerning the people I have in my life at the moment, the ones I want to take into the new year, and the ones that must stay behind. I evaluate their influences, both positive or negative. I evaluate the supposed bonds that have been forged and decide which ones are strong enough to make it into the new year. While this may seem cold hearted at best, it is the time when I am most brutally honest with myself.

When I was younger, i'd draw up a list of the things I wanted for my birthday. As a child, it was almost always something I either imagined, saw on the tv or something whatever best friend of the moment had. As I got slightly older, I picked out my birthday presents from Argos catalogues. Then I'd draw up a list and give it to my father. Prices included. And as I got even older, I started decided at the beginnning of every new year, something I wanted to give myself for my birthday. Anyways, i'm doing the same now. Drawing up a list of all the little things that will make the next one year of my life insanely precious.

I want this book. If this was al i got, i'd be happy. Its quite old and hard to find, but there are a few copies on amazon n ebay. No new ones though. Ill take an old, wrinkled, used one.

Chateau Cos D'Estournel 1986 ; 1986 St Estephe 2eme Grand cru Classe; Wine from my birth year. How fitting

Audrey Hepburn Boxed Set (Couture Muse Collection, 80th Anniversary) I love old movies.

Louis Vuitton Aviator Bag; For this I can only dream. But its gorge, utterly and sinfully yummy, For this bag I will sell my right testicle. You know what I mean.

Godiva Luxurious Hamper ; Every human has a right to imported belgian chocolates at least once a year.

Black Calla Lily; My favourite flowers. A bouquet of 24 perfect black calla lillies. One for every year of my life so far.

600 thread count bedsheets. Because i'm worth even more.

Every girl should have real pearls.  I'd rather black

Ok..thats about it. At least for the major stuff...For some reason i cant go ack to align left so please forgive my centralized typing. Heaven knows I hate it.  Anyways, happy birthday in advance to me. Oh yeah...what I'm getting me is not on this list.  :D

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neefemi said...

the book and the Audrey Hepburn box set i got (cos i'm cheap like that :))...but u have to wait to receive them