Monday, August 16, 2010

~~Dead men Can't Go Skinny Dipping~~

i'm smiling as I write this post. Maybe you'll understand why in a second....

I've always fancied myself as an adventurous person. But i guess i didnt realize how much, until now. So a bunch of us are off to SA in a couple of days and everyone else is so worried about what the food tastes like, what time the malls close, how much do you pay for know..those kind of questions. And i'm sat here, blackberry in hand, and i am amused. I am amused because i just realised that I dont give a dinosaurs ripe egg about all these irrelevant things. Sure, its important to know how much things cost so that one doesnt get stranded...but then...

I realise that instead of being worried, i am excited. I am excited about eating different food, about seeing new places, about learning new things. I am excited because i will sit in a new bar, and try a new cocktail. I am excited because i will eat food that's different from mine. I know for a fact that I will either hate it, or love it. But I am excited nevertheless. I am excited because I will stay out late most likely partying and get up early the next morning. I am excited because I will buy a vuvuzuela even though the world cup is over. I am excited because I will see big bottomed women and take lots of pictures.

A lot of times we kill things that have potential to be amazing life changing experiences because we become overtaken by fear. Like dating that boy, or quitting that job, or cutting that long gorgeous hair, or going to that bar or singing that song or marrying that person....or simply living life. Sure we've all been burnt or had our fingers even mildly singed. but should that stop you? And if you get hurt again, or fail, or get a runny stomach or fall down flat on your face.....So what? It wont be the first time and it wont be the last....When we say "all i do is" do we understand that winning comes in different forms? and that what may seem like failure to yuou is actually a victory?....or that the point of the whole thing was just the experience and not the end result?

I see life in there's this huge disco light just above me and that sometimes the colour passes through me and I can only stop and stare at this wonder that is life. And I wanna try everything. And not once least twice.

To quote Owl City from "On the Wing"

"I am going away, lost in a silent ballet, i'm dreaming youre out in the blue and i am right beside you, a way to take in the view/ late nights and early parades, still photos and noisy arcades, my darling we're both on the wing, look down and keep on singing and we can go anywhere....."

I dont know the relevance of that verse to this post :D. But it makes me feel like i'm holding hands with someone and we're twirling round and round in this amazing sea of colour..can you see it?

One day at a time. Enjoy what's in front of you. Stop blinking so that you will see.....

That you will see that all you need to do is take one chance, or two, or ten. Dead men can't snorkel, or bungee jump, or eat sushi(ewwww.), or go skinny dipping, or jump a hundred times just for the fun of it. Dead men can't try.

Have a lovely week.


neefemi said...

#GBAM..... have a lovely time in SA should be fun and yes please take plenty pictures

p.s. called you this weekend, just kept ringing

Young Grumbler said...

iLove! Life is def for living, when you allow fear to take over, you don't know when exciting opportunities pass you by.
Have a lovely time in SA!