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Tuesday's Thoughts

~My bottom really hurts. I normally wouldnt be complaining as Wale normally gives me a rub down after my workouts, but of course, he doesnt touch my bum. So i'll have to wait till Superman returns. Which isnt such a bad thing. I guess. ~

~The absolute worst thing happened to me. I lost data. My phone memory card formatted itself (no backiup) and I lost a sizeable portion of my music library. I cried like a baby when that happened. If you know me, you'll know that my music is precious to me. I nurturre and protect and love. I couldnt believe it. Yes I deleted the back up as well. No I wasnt sleep-editing. I was changing laptops. Long story. Just cry for me argentina.~

~ A lot has been happening in my life lately. I have been quite an unhappy bunny (not that I wear "happy bunny" well...i am afterall 70% melancholic. Then I somehow forgot how to write (i think this was the worst part) and then I was listening to Matthew Ryan's "Return to Me" on thursday and I started crying uncontrollably. That went on for a bit. But I think the crying was good for me. Long overdue actually, especially with all the stuff i'd been bottling up. But I'm good now. Apparently, there are problems that are bigger than mine. But I never want to lose my words. Sometimes they are all i've got~

~Did you ever see Val Kilmer's "The Saint"? Then surely, you must remember the part where Emily lost her cards and she got so desperate cos she couldnt make the formula work without the cards....Thats how it is when i dont have words~

~"Give me chastity, give me constancy, but do not give it yet"~

~For those in Naij, I am certain you have heard the new tom-tom sounds so vulgar..when i hear the ad, i imagine a "kerewa kerewa" dancestep to go with. ...."i gbadun the tom tom, give me tom tom," lmao~

~Ever pronounced the planet "Uranus" without inwardly cringing? me neither. Doesnt matter how you pronounce it, it always come out as "UR ANUS". Dont bother. I've tried ever combination possible. U RANUS, UR ANUS, URA NUS, URUN US,and URANUS(with an E at the end for emphasis). I wonder what the planet smells like. ....imagine if all farts went to URANUS instead of just blending with the atmosphere...ewww~

~I must have been dreaming but i'm almost sure I heard Rhecks say (on the radio) that Ejike Asiegbu is now a musician. As in?????Omdzzzzz.....its not his fault doe. I mean, when every Witless Tom, Desperate Dick and Hungry Harry is now a musician, or better still, a rapper. Infact I'm quitting my job tomorrow and i'm gonna become a star. Hold me back oh, hold me oh...~

~I swear down, one will soon be able to cook a pot of soup in traffic. Right now, you can buy pepper, tomatoes, onions and beef in traffic. How about the hawkers have mobile stoves and pots? Then you can make your own soup while you journey home...smh...there's almost nothing you wont find in traffic. kilode! just this morning I saw these huge ass clocks. ahan!!!the thing was as big as the Big Ben....ok ok....not as big. but you get my point.~

~If i wrote a really sad post, will you promise not to think that I was talking about myself, even though I write it in the first person. I find that I cannot do second and third person so well...but you see, I am trying~

~Falling in love with music all over again~

~have you seen Inception? Please say you have. its an amazing amazing movie~

~I love the gbagaun mopol...#justsaying# ~

~If I was in OTH, who would I be? I always thought I'd be Peyton...but B said I'd be Brooke. Now I'm not so sure....who would you be?~

#np: Elsewhere ~ Bethany Joy Lenz-Galeotti


Temite said…
I don die...
Girl, you are mad. choi that Uranus bit...hahahaha
neefemi said…
lmaoooo..really all the fart going to Uranus, you are quite unwell...

Omo i can't cry men, so i'm happy you were able to get some release, i just pray when my day of reckoning comes i am not somewhere with a large crowd.

Loved the randoms as always.
Blessing said…
Lol...very random post!
T.Notes said…
~probably those same big ass clocks just as you're exiting bourdillon heading to osbourne?Saw two yesterday.

~!shucks@loosing data!Thats always a bummer.

~yayyyy@the saint!!!Thats a bloody classic!

~lol@tomtom ad!!!U'r a prude jare!"i gbadun the tom tom, give me tom tom,"

~n u'r sick sick sick@uranus!!!

~so i guess i ought to finally watch inception! D way everybody's going on about it.
hold u ke?...go ahead & resign today & release ur album siddon- dey -look na i go give you, album, i no go spend my hard earned money buy at all! chikena!... hehehe...all these our nollywood actors & actresses sef!...i get ear-sore listening to them!

e-y-a! e pele o! for your lost data...

inception huh?...heard so much about it... i have kind of lost interest in films lately....spend much time blogging rather...gat 2 get my groove back!

you are funny...ur anus & not mine sha!...*grinning*
Myne Whitman said…
Utranus, you got me cracking right there. And your bum massage, hope SM has done the job now? LOL..

Sorry about the data, one has to be more careful about these things.

And yeah Inception was the bomb!
Tricia said…
I havent watched Inception missing out, right?

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