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~~Tuesday's Thoughts~~

~Potentially smelly balls shall now be called smelly balls. and no, i havent smelt them. But he's gotten on my last nerve and I decided he needed a graduation. The phool asked me today to give him a hug that he deserves. I nearly kneed him in the groin. However, evaluations are around the corner, and I need that EP rating~

~EP means exceptional performer. KPMG people have been accused of having all sorts of names for things~

~there's a rat called Clif at my Client's. he's actually human and he has decided that all he wants from me is that I return his love. how do i tell him that he is below my ADPT~

~ADPT means audit difference posting threshold. u'll probably not understand this, so lemme just say that he is below the threshold that is below my materiality. if u still dont understand, google it, or shoot yoself~

~I hate fighting with the german. even after we've settled, i loathe the wasted hours spent hating on him~

~i should probably tell my daddy that he should stop dancing alanta at my having just moved back home cos i may have found a place.~(in my mind)

~there's someone on my timeline who forgets to add the letter 's' when its necessary.Example, "it seem as if" . i'd gbagaun all this person's tweets but i probably won't be able to catch up. This person shells eight out of ten times~

~i had fun at pulse. and ghana fried rice is hungrying me~

~can someone please ask Tuface if i can be his final baby mama? ~

~i'm still wondering who styles/dresses nigerian male musicians. (apart from dbanj who is always impeccably dressed). shoot yoself~

~This my hair is due. but it will like to wait first until it has worked the salary i paid at the hairdresser's on friday~

~friend of mine is having bad sex problems. diagnoses(pl): unskilled impatient lover and partial frigidity on her part. Cure: Male-shot of lenny's tips and dialogue. Female: porn~

~Speaking of sex, loving T-pain's "Reverse Cowgirl" yet?

~and Cliff the rat just flashed me. it might not be a bad idea to forward the sms to his MD~

~after seeing "clash of the titans" yesterday, my baby sis has decided to adopt the name "ageless funmi" and i am filing for change of name for my car. Pegasus seems more befitting than Hunter. but we'll see about that one. ~

~you should see what I saw in las buja. it was hugh hefner and the twins. without hugh hefner. ohmygah. and awww..with matching dresses. barf~

~my cousin's wedding is in 3 weeks. after committing a crime punishable buy exile in yoroculture (i adamantly refused to buy aso ebi), i now have no idea what to wear.~

~i realise that i can finally trust my instincts. I was afterall right about Salt, (proven), can spot bullshit, can tell when someone is lying, and can finally predict my period~

p.s. what would be the correct spelling for 'lols" as in plenty laughter. some razz human called Bayo seems to think it should be spelt 'lolz" as spelling it "lols" would cause it to be pronounced as "lolce". i disagree as Mercedes is spelt the way it is spelt and not with a 'z' at the end. please copy @akingbayo in your answer.

Peaze n tins nuccaz

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