Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~~Tuesday's Thoughts~~

 Hey people, today i'm gonna be doing a music post. I havent done one in a while, i think. So i'll be listing my favourite songs of the moment (in no particular order) and from a while, and i'll tell you the first time I heard it and the exact emotion i felt when I heard it. Good? No fibbing i promise.

btw, p.s(i know p.s comes after but i didnt know wht else to use) neefemi I saw your tag. Thank you :) )

ok, here goes;

1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth ~ Iron and Wine
    It must have been about 3am ish. My mate stayed over at my hotel that night and he'd sent the  song to my phone earlier but I hadn't really listened to it. For some reason though. i put it on my 'sleep' playlist. I woke up at that time to the song playing in my ear and I felt such deep sadness. You see the last time I'd woken up in the middle of the night to music playing in my ear was last year, when my now ex boyfriend went away for the weekend and he made us a playlist on his laptop.

2. Disloyal order of water buffaloes ~ Fall Out Boy
    I've blogged about this song before. lol. The "buzz buzz buzz, doc there's a hole where something was" part hit the right spot when I first heard it. Till now. I was downloading a bunch of stuff when I came across it and after listening to the first few lines, I thought to myself....Gospel!...finally, something that clearly explains the emptiness i'm feeling inside. Even now when it doesnt feel that way anymore, I cannot get over this song. p.s I love Fall Out Boy with all my heart.

3. Arabesque ~ Debussy
    After listening to Clair de Lune in Twilight, my appetite was whet(whetted? gbagaun? #kanyeshrug). So, i googled Debussy and Arabesque came up. And i downloaded and fell in love with it. Arabesque offered me escape. An avenue to wander off in my mind and out of that tunnel into 17th century England. A time of Baroque masterpieces and the Renaissance. Call me Lady Evangeline.  Arabesque in its true sense is a form of art form which consists of a series of repeating geometric forms which are occasionally accompanied by calligraphy Wikipedia and to the adherents of Islam, the Arabesque is symbolic of their united faith. To me, Arabesque, the music is painfully beautiful in its deceptive simplicity (believe me. i downloaded the sheet and even though i can't read music for jack, this one just looks complicated). It flows and it ebbs. Just like life. My life.

4.  Somebody Loved ~ The Weepies
     Aaahhh....this song preaches comfort. The first time I heard this song was on Dirty Sexy Money. When Jeremy got them to perform in his girlfriend's apartment. That was more than a year before I needed it. The song is a balm for a broken heart. I cried my heart out to this song. Its entire length, a meagre 2:56. I listened to it before I went to sleep, when I woke in the middle of the night and when I woke up in the morning. And right now. I feel like the song carried my pain from me and told me the moment when I was born(reborn?). Its one of the most poignant songs you'll ever hear. (p.s.I want the Weepies at my wedding)

5.  Heartbeats ~ Jose Gonzalez
     Yes, i've blogged about this song before (iThink) or perhaps mentioned it in a post. If you're a lover of OTH, you'll know the exact point in the entire series where this song came up. its the part where lucas tells Peyton the words I wanna hear in real life "its you Peyton. its you I see beside me when all my dreams come true". Tears came to my eyes when I heard the words, which in my opinion, are the perfect declaration of love. I felt those words when I was in love. When i heard the beating of my heart so clearly. When for a moment, i saw his heartbeat.

6.  I will Trust You Lord ~ Donnie McClurkin
    Surrender....."Yes, I'll trust You Lord" Through pain, through sin and to salvation. Any more words needed? 

7.  Rush Rush ~ Paula Abdul
    I cannot remember the exact first time I heard this song. But Wikipedia says it was released in 1991.  So I was about 5 years old. I remember however, holding my mother's 'eba' stick in lieu of a microphone and singing my heart out in front of the television. The song enchanted me. I fell in love with music and glamour. The world was in my palm and all i needed to do was sing my way through. Discovering this song again, almost 18 years later, I can still feel the magic and singing to it on my way home everyday, I hear the innocent, unspoiled, hopeful 5 year old. Singing her way thorugh life.

8.  Brand Nu ~ Drake
     This song. oooh. This song, apart from the foremost undertone being sex, makes me think of honesty, hesitation and wonder. An old friend made me a mixtape and this song was on it. I almost melted into the chair I was sitting in when I first heard it. If you've heard this song and you love it, you'll understand. "is anything i'm doing brand nu?"

9.  On the Wing ~ Owl City
     I have adjudged this song to be the soundtrack of my life. You know how in movies you have parts where its just music and no words? yeah....just like that. Like all things Owl City, this song makes me think of beautiful things. It puts me on wings and I dream of strawberries, and huge pink and red and green and blue butterflies. I dream of ballroom dancing and 18 yards of duchess satin and silk and lace garters. of something borrowed, something new and something blue. Of chandeliers and canary yellow diamonds. of sky diving and power rangers. of little kids and water hose. of fast cars and car racing. of eternal summers and eternal friendships. Of you, my future that I am yet to meet.....

Have a lovely week.


KofoSwagnificnt said...

Damn....u feel ur music so deply.....I need nu music in my life abeg

neefemi said...

Ok i have been floored, this is me lover of all things music and i haven't heard half them songs.... my feelings are hurt men...and i totally feel you on Brand Nu, funny enough the song has been stuck in my head for the past days, cos like u said it speaks of honesty, hesitation and wonder a place i find myself right now - sigh...

anyhoo, looking forward to seeing your 10things :)

nnamdi said...

totally cool....i will need to go check out the Drake and Debussy songs,

iron and wine, the weepies, jose gonzalez and owl city......i see a trend here somewhere....what is it?

Audeo said...

@Neefemi all i can call you is kindred (due to your love of all things music). If you havent heard that song by The Weepies, get it asap.

Audeo said...

@Nnamdi iono. its just a blog about songs I adore

Myne Whitman said...

I love Arabasque by debussy, so sweeet, nice line up here, though I haven't heard some of them like Iron and wine.