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~Tuesday's thoughts~

~i really had these thoughts on a tuesday. Ask Loose and blame MTN and their rationing of BIS~

~ M.I. has fallen my hand. Big time. Like heartbroken type falling of hand. Kilode. Ahan nau. Se na like dis we go de dey. (That last bit was for special effect. Just like drumming on a bottle is used to create special effects in Naija movies)~

~ I will comment my reserve about enough is enough. *insert kanye shrug* then *insert messi shrug* I'm not saying its not a good thing, but let's be reminded that change comes from within. O dear rallyerian( my word) have you paid your taxes? Do u bribe police cos your car papers are outdated or incomplete? Or do you bribe nepa to connect u to another street's power line? Lemme not even go on and on about this. U get my point~

~ I am such a music ashewo. Remember 2 weeks ago when it was T-Pain's reverse cowgirl? Now its Usher's OMG. As in omg mehn. If I should dance to this song in a club, I reckon someone would do to me what I will do to Tuface if I see him. See two entries below~

~ If I kolobi your sister, if I dance with deborah(implication). Tuface should organise a competition. The first non-idoma girl to get the lyrics to this song correctly will scratch his turtle. I'll put a knife to @blazeotokpa 's neck till he teaches them to me. And I'll win~

~ If I win, there will be no need for niceties. I will throw him over my shoulder (captain caveman style) saying ooga booga and run away with him~

~ If you don't know captain cavemaaaaaaan, then you were either an atutupoyoyo as a kid or you were jehova witness(which is a really good thing with all the evil on tv these days. Look how I turned out! I think in queens english. Lugubrious (see entry below)~

~ thaz how I watched one speaker of the house of reps and let's just say I am dead. As in flatlined. I don't know his name, but all I'll say is that this is a macabre dance( assuming that's what he said).the english was wrapped in a thick bini accent. Anyways, I've decided that if anyone shells on twitter again, I won't say gbagaun. It'll be lugubrious~


~ I detest users. Especially in cases where it is not symbiotic (yex box. I know englees and I did biology in school) if we r not chopping eachother means you're only chopping me and it makes me a big fool. I am not a fool~

~ I take back what I said about the german. Thing is I really don't know.~

~ Why are people so hung up on the fact that they get gbagauned on twirra. Izits my faultes that your engleeses is poor? If you shell, I will got it...lugubrious~

~ Does fucking more than 10people before you're 25 make you a hoe and unsuitable for marraige? God help us all that the society that will live in has seen fit to produce such~

~ Your girlfriend had better be a virgin. Your mum had better have been a virgin. Cos there's no difference between 1 and 10. ~

~ Premarital sex is sin~

~ I have no idea what to wear to work this wednesday morning. And I think I'll be late~

~ Peaze n tinz~

P.s, also, the boy also said girl§ that look for boys with big dicks are hoes. My judgement? He's pulling a two incher and Lenny's sex tips can't help him. (iKid, iKid :|)


You never let down your army of free-readers (me inclusive when I can)...God work "Miss Piss & Thins"...if u have slept with up to 10 guys already, I would take it u are bleddy experienced...that is the kind of woman I want as wife, one that will make me get a bed screwed ton the floor...see ehn, a bed screwed to the floor will make it possible to try all those badass positions and all the neighbours will ever hear are sounds of you losing your mind and not that of a jack-hammer trying to bust through their roof....ohsnap! I digress.

As for calling us "rallyarians", may God forgive you, dnt worry, some of us are more radical than the rest. Shebi all you want is a nation where you kids can grow and not be exposed to evil both on TV and off TV? Ehen now just sit back and continue your quest to hold Tuface hostage while we sort this out, Blaze shall happily teach you the "Ogirinyan dance" (see moonwalk).
At this point,before this becomes a blog of its own , I sign out. Piss & Thins
Boogie said…
Lolz!!! Now people here are looking at me crazy.
Anonymous said…
Woman. You have some serious issues. What's wrong with M.I.? If you like OMG, then you should listen to the rest of the Usher album. He's got a great track featuring T.I., give it a listen. As for your other ramblings. Let's be honest, we all use people. Your just mad because someone was using you, not the other way around.

- Tola
Abyurla said…
errrm am curious sha...what did MI do to fall ya hand? Looking forward to seeing #lugubrious replace #gbagaun on my timeline
neefemi said…
"Your girlfriend had better be a virgin. Your mum had better have been a virgin. Cos there's no difference between 1 and 10." thats exactly what i said, plus the bit about premarital sex is a, nonsense men need to shut up abt that shit already

and yes MI did fall my hand as well, if its what i think it is and lmao at what you will do to 2face... u r a case....have a great weekend
Mo' said…
Lmao! Miss hingrish sfiking biologist....u try! What's a guy misyanning on bout a gurl being a whore when he has been with an army..she aint a whore, she making lyf easier for him so she don't kick his sorry ass outta bed!as for gbagaun'ing...I no sabi sfik hingrish.

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