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~Tuesday's Thoughts~

~Bollocks!!!MTN is on its NEPA p again~

~apartment hunting in lagos is not for kids.I'm getting tired of buying castle every week. I'm building a castle with castle. Meh. Dry joke~

~i know I shouldn't feel an ounce of glee seeing as some of my family are stuck in london because of the volcanic/volcano ash and it appears they may not be able to make it back for the wedding. I'd be wailing if my father had to give me away on skype and trusting our internet service in naij, it would be a disaster. Like the time the power rangers' daddy what's-his-face almost died in the movie.if u don't know what I'm talking about, you were most likely an atutupoyoyo~

~why do I like the term "atutupoyoyo" so much. I'll have u know that there's atutupoyoyo generator (I better pass), atutupoyoyo bread (agege bread) etc.~

~i couldn't write yesterday. The words didn't come and it frustrated me to no end~

~if you are on twirra and upon all my begging you are yet to download Owl City stuff, exit this page immediately~

~#beggy beggy~

~im gonna be late again today and my oga will almost tear his face off frowning at me. methinks this working thing is not working for me and thaz why I am now searching for my own ready-made billionaire. Pot belly or not after all sade okoya did not die ~

~shoot! Those guys like yellow girls. And I've tried my best. My skin no gree. Eeez remaining acid and methinks that may not be a good idea.or I can scrape myself with a razor blade....(Thinking)...nah, the Seal look has never been my thing. Oh well...~

~sincerely though, now that I've mentioned body parts, I have a letter to mine~

Dear boobs : you can like to chill on the 3weeks worth of hurting between periods. Whaz your own sef. If not that I'm sorta stuck with you, I'd be 90210 -ing your ass.

Dear abdomen and back : how have I offended you ehn? Out of all the nutrients in food its only the fat that you'll choose. And you refuse to let go! Kilode!

Dear thighs : I never liked you much. Now you've got me thinking I'm crazy when I say I can feel u literally doing a fat formation under my skin. Every single time I eat. Anyways, that's not even the cause of the beef. Those my Rocawear jeans, yeah the fav one...I can't wear them anymore and its all ur fault. Shape up or ship out.

Dear Bum: I see you. Growing and shit. STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!

Dear all over body skin : all I caan say is that u better be responding to those omega h3 fish oil tabs I've been taking or else, (drawing my ear) I wee not baff u again!

~yah! So u can see I'm vexing~

~i've finally decided to learn to sew. If my mum will have the patience to teach me seeing as she's been begging me all my life to learn. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Kmt. Everytime I sketch a mini, she makes it knee length and I'm tired of explaining that she's the one in mothers' union, not me. ~

~speaking of mothers' union, if u decide to get married at Archbishop Vining and ur gown is a tube, mothers' union will rent u the ugliest cape in the history of capes for 25,000naira. Oh yes, eez by force. Especially after that bride's titties popped out in front of the altar~

~kelis' "accapella" vid, pourquoi ?~

~listen to Owl City. the music makes me think of strawberries, an eternal summer and falling deeply and quickly into love~

And you all know I've been there.

#np: On the wing ~ Owl City.

Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


Anonymous said…
Meaningful Ramblings indeed... LMAO. Lurv it! Especially the "Sent from my blackberry wireless device from mtn" part. Makes sense!
~Da-SisTa~ said…
Seems like we all have issues with those damn body parts,mtn n nepa :o
Ivory Malinov said…
hehehehe...Love your blog. very cheeky and sincere.
@onyechi said…
Hahaha....I looove the letter to d body parts.... Gurl u crack me up.. Very well written...#nowDownloadingOwlcity
Abyurla said…
MTN is on its NEPA? Classic
and a bride's titties popped out in front of the altar??? o_0 Lugubrious! Kpom

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