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~10 things I like~

Today I'm definitely chipper. Thank God. And seeing as i've been tagged by Neefemi to do 10 things I love, I shall be doing just that.

So drumroll no particular order, 10 things I love:

1. Champagne
    I really love champagne.  Dont get me wrong, I love wine too. But champagne always does it for me. It suits my every mood. When people ask what kind of alcohol I like, I reply with ..."i'm a champagne girl"

2. C O L O U R

I love colour. Which surely must be weird because my fave is grey. But yeah, I do.I love colour's ability to change the way something looks with an instant 'swish'. Imagine an all grey photo. Then insert a splash of yellow. And purple and red. See.....color influences my mood greatly. I love when it blends fluidly. Or when its so garish that your eyes cringe from the effort. Whichever way.

3. SEX
    Do you need a photo? O_o. Insert yours.

4. Books

    I love books. The smell of a new book. The strength in the spine. And the feel after I've read it a 100 times and its worn through and through and i've memeorized its entirety. And even then, I am not satisfied. Words are the window through which I see life (who said that? me?). My ideal wedding present ? a bookshelf going all the way into the sky. My favorite book of all time however, would be "Calais" by Kathleen Winsor. I dont know why the book affects me so. Maybe its cos I saw so much of myself in the Arlette (the female lead). I can say that I know almost every line in that book. . "Lest you and I who love, should wake up one morning, strangers, enemies in an alien world, far off"  and "True love can never be relied upon to have completely exhausted itself in its lifetime" I havent read it in almost 5 years cos some bagger borrowed it and never returned it. kmt. But Jayla has promised to get it for me. so....*insert bbm dancing emoticon here*

5. Music
    I love music so much, i'm almost speechless in describing my love for it. I love all kinds of music. I'll listen to anything. I always say that music and books are the way to my heart. I cannot over emphasize it. I cannot talk about it further else we'll be here all day.

6. Video Games
     OMG!!! you have no idea. I can sit infront of the tv all day with a controller in my hands. I guess thats from having two brothers and too many male friends. My faves are "Zelda" from Nintendo and "Resident Evil", "POP - Sands of Tme" and "GOW 2" from Playstation.

Btw, ever tried playing games using a projector? teww mad.

7. Cooking
    I love to cook. I can cook anything. Tell me and I'll cook it.  Me and my set of 7pots fighting our way through life.

8  Old Movies
    I adore Old movies.  My mate and I used to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" every saturday morning for a long long time. There's just sometime about that era. I call it the age of elegance. At valentine's, i said all I wanted was a box of godiva and an 8boxed set of oldies. I think there were other stuff too but right now thats all I remember.

9. My Car
    I drive a 2008 Honda Civic. its a year old now. I used to call him 'Hunter'. but i've changed his name to Pegasus. I dont think he likes it much.

10. Writing
     I love writing. I love words. everything.about it...I love it when people love what I write. I write what my heart asks me to writ. words that rile and rape, savour and soothe, a melody if you can hear it. i write words that plunder and caress, sometimes lacking in form, but never in fit. always telling, and showing, never confusing nor misleading.......let me write the words to frame your soul.....

I'm tagging  Jayla . :p . my google reader misses you


Jayla. said…
You definitely want me to update don't you? I shall do so 2moro.

I love champagne only when i'm drunk. :D
KofoSwagnificnt said…
"I write what my heart asks me to writ. words that rile and rape, savour and soothe, a melody if you can hear it. i write words that plunder and caress, sometimes lacking in form, but never in fit. always telling, and showing, never confusing nor misleading.......let me write the words to frame your soul"

This is my fav quote from ur whole blog!
N playin vid games on a projector IS twe mad...imajin projectin it on a wall wiv giant speakers! iMiss skool...
neefemi said…
yaaay you are better.....this is good... and i'm with you on that music P, indescribable men...have a magnificent weekend
Myne Whitman said…
Ahhh, we share a number of likes, however I'm not a game person though I've played wii sports on a projector; does that count? LOL.

That number 10, it did things to me, write me a love poem now, pretty please? Thank you in advance, lol.

Have a pleasant weekend dear.
Audeo said…
@jayla :p. I had to darling. And i cant wait to read your ten things.

@kofo thank you so much. I love that you love it. and abt the speakers thingy, trust me i know what you mean.

@neefemi thank you so much. You have a lovely weekend too
P.s. Thank u. Ive wanted to say that for a while.

@myne you cant imagine the huge grin on my face. And yes i shall write you a love poem. Soon. Have a lovely weekend

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